The Kdrama Infection Has Set In

Posted by Stephanie on August 28, 2015

Fun Friday



My friend Jami, who you’d know from the past as my Yoda of Photoshop and Social media, and more recently as one of the McFeeley pair who, after some snazzy footwork by yours truly, have become Running Man fans, then fanatics hasn’t really felt the need to delve deeper into Kdrama. Then the other morning, I got a surprising message from her:

Jami: So Netflix has Boys over Flowers now and I started watching it. I’m really enjoying it, but where the hell are the adults at this school? Doesn’t anybody work there????

Stephanie: HAHAHAHAHAHAHAAAAAAA You are watching the original crack drama. This is the show that hooked in about half of the fans and we all look back and cringe.

Jami: You don’t like it anymore?

Stephanie: Oh no. It’s crack tv. And if you ask Kdrama fans at least half of them will say it was their first show

Jami: So why with the cringing?

Stephanie: It’s the crack aspect of it.

boys over flowers 4

Jami: Tee hee–it’s very pride and prejudice-y

Stephanie: If Darcy was a violent bully 😉

Jami: Psychopath

Stephanie: The first time I watched I was rooting for JiHoo because he was the hero in my first drama (BOF was my second) but I’ve come to see the warm damaged center of Darcy

Jami: I’ll have to wait and see who I root for, but I am a sucker for a man desperately in love with a woman who makes him earn her love.

Stephanie: Oddly, that’s kind of Junpyo. He hates her and then he lurves her–And I had the “Where are the all the teachers???” Moment too.


Jami: I know – he’s already desperately in love with her on the 2nd episode–that’s the Jami sweet spot. Pasta – though I love it – is a little too cruel to its heroine. Never being good enough for the man she loves. This one is much more in my zone.

Stephanie: That’s what happens when one woman says no and stands up to him. I guess it is Pride and Prejudicey

Jami: I was thinking her spinning kick was just a fantasy sequence.

bof gif

Stephanie: Nope.

Jami: Once it was revealed to be real, I was fully on board.

Stephanie: Welcome to crazy town.

Jami: hee hee. So 5 episodes in and I’ve seen 2 teachers. In montages–no dialogue. And I think JanDi stayed out all night like 5 nights in a row with no forewarning. Her parents suck.

Stephanie: They really do! And they just get worse. You notice yet that for someone on the swim team, you never see her with the team and only practicing in that tiny pool?

Jami: Yeah – these kids have a LOT of free time. No classes, no bells ringing, no supervision, no sports, and constantly being pulled away from their after school jobs.


Stephanie: have they gone on the break yet where Jandi gets the ‘makeover’? And she actually looks like an old woman? Me thinks the model really wanted to be the fairest one in the land.

Jami: She’s had a lot of makeovers in 5 episodes. Right now they’re on an island and she’s wearing a dress that makes her look like a hamburger.

Stephanie: HAHAHAHHA! Seriously–there is no way that Junpyo picked that ugly dress out–no way.

Jami: Right? Everytime I see her – hamburger.


Stephanie: ………now I want a hamburger.

Jami: mmmmm hamburger.

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