Musical Monday! The Too Adorable Edition

Posted by Stephanie on August 24, 2015


toheart 3

Yes, yes  I know there are still so many new songs for me to catch up on, this is what happens when so many new songs from good bands come out at once. Come on Kpop don’t use up your good stuff in one lump, what will we do the rest of the year? 

toheart 4

But when this song came up on my Youtube feed, I just couldn’t resist. You know, with that whole new found love of Key thing happening over here. This song is from a Shinee subunit with Key and WooHyun called Toheart. While I know I’m new to the Key fandom, I was actually pretty surprised that he was in a subunit. Not that I don’t think he’s awesome, it comes from his own words on that One Fine Day special. He’d go around London trying to explain to people who he was and why he was a big deal–“You know Kpop?” and whenever people would tell him to sing to prove it he’d awkwardly answer “I don’t sing, I’m the visual.”

toheart 2

The visual and WooHyun (not sure what role he fills in Shinee) put out this ridiculous adorable video of them just being dorky and cute together–and that’s just how I like my Key dorky and adorable. The song itself is not hugely my cup of tea, but it’s worth it for the ‘visual’. It’s also pretty funny that the song itself is just about 4 minutes long and the rest of the time is filled in with extra cuteness and outtakes–it looks like SM also knows where the money shots are.

toheart 5

Toheart (WooHyun and Key), Delicious

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