Dramabeans and KChat Jjigae Paneling it up at KCon!

Posted by Stephanie on August 9, 2015



KCon wasn’t just all boy bands and fangirling–Cherry and I were there for business. Very important business of the Kdrama-y sort. It was panels, panels, panels! And we weren’t the only ones going about the business of talking of Kdrama and Kpop. There were three days filled to the brim with our nearest and dearest chatting about what we love. I was there. Cherry was there. Dramabeans was there. ….others were there.

The Dramabeans panel was just as fun as last year and we learned that the Dramabeans ladies are actually now roommates! How cool is that? They brought up some really interesting points and the one that stuck with me was about the looming danger of drama importing companies fighting for exclusivity and the possibility of limiting access to the dramas because of it. It’s a troubling question. Last year they ended with a game 7 second plot summaries and this year it was 7 second sequel proposals. Check it out here:

Side note, when asking for questions at the end, my friend Molly made a beeline towards the ladies and asked the first question. Also, I loved JavaBean’s sparkly top.


Cherry had her first panel on Friday and though she was super (duper, duper) nervous for it, I’m happy to say she killed it. Killed it dead. She and her ladies were taking about kdrama tropes that you love and hate. The panel was in a giant room (seriously huge) which made the good-sized crowd seem small. They started out with a video on some of the biggest tropes and it was so good that then and there I was determined to have a video for my panel as well. We had 48 hours, 20 of which we’d be at Kcon, 16 of which we’d be sleeping, but that was plenty of time, right?


The panel was lively with Coco and Vivi from Kdrama Fighting, and Leah from Zombie Mama. The spoke of things like amnesia, wrist grabs, back hugs, skinship, and shower scenes and how they could be used for both good and bad.

Cherry is killing it at her #kcon15la panel!! Go Cherry go!

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The ladies had the crowd chuckling and, even better, groaning. Cherry was very excited for it to be done.

The next day, after the DramaBeans panel, I managed to hit the Discovering Indie Music panel, which I had high hopes for, even managing to drag Jacqueline alone with me, but unfortunately, the panel was a bit boring–mainly just listing a bunch of band names. Which means I guess means it was exactly what it was supposed to be, helping you discover more Korean Indie Music. Perhaps it was just an awkward idea for a panel.

Jacqueline and I are excited for the KIndie music panel at #kcon15la

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On Sunday it was d-day. Our day. My first panel was the Secret Lives of Kpop Fans Over 30. I’ll let you in on an insider tidbit, due to my knee injury which seemingly refuses to heal, I’ve been relegated to a wheelchair any time I want to move myself for more than a block at a time. Bummer guys, bummer. So it was pretty apt that I was on a panel about Kpop fans of a certain age. Due to a chair-like emergency I was late. Really late. Like 15 minutes late. The good thing is that the panel was packed. Jammed full. The bad thing (well, despite being late) was the fact that the panel was so full that there was a security person at the door who would not let me in. I was all “But I’m a panelist.” She was all “I don’t care, there’s no room for you.” I was all, “Uhhh…there is a chair up at the front with my actual name on it.” Needless to say, no mere mortal was going to keep me from my appointed course and I busted my ass through that door.


I’d like to think I wasn’t so much very late, as I just made a grand entrance.

Feeling like I had to make up for my lateness, I proceeded to wrestle control and made the crowd laugh with my Kpop fandom antics like talking to my Junsu poster, my hobby of gluing khottie heads onto flowers, and wandering the streets of NY with a hand-made B1A4 sprout headband perched upon my head. I’d like to think I killed it.

The moderator was AWESOME. Seriously, Multifacetedagc was a hoot, so funny and interesting. I’m not a huge Youtube person but I’ll definitely be checking out her videos. She kept the room in laughter, the conversation rolling, and me in line. (Not an easy feat.) We talked the stigma of being kpop fans, embarrassing things we’ve experienced, things we’ve done because of our fandoms, and advice we would give to younger fans. She bullied the security lady at the door to let more people in and then to give us more time. It was the most fun I’ve ever had at Kcon and not only do I hope to be on a panel with her again (if she’d have me after being late!) but I’m super-duper bummed I missed her first panel. However, there are rumbles that she videoed both this panel and her other one, so I’m hoping to see both.

I also got to meet and be on the panel with Young Ahjummah, who I’ve seen around the inter-webs. She is also super nice and when I saw her again at KCON NY, she came to my panel and gave me some of her buttons. Yay, Young Ahjummah!IMG_2714

So then came the next panel. The Cherry and Stephanie joint panel, Men of Kdrama. Now, we’d worked very hard on this panel. We had a power point presentation, we now had a spiffy video. We were ready. For realz. Unfortunately, it didn’t quite go as well as we’d planed. Due to some early technical issues involving us, some missing papers, and a volume that didn’t work, we were flustered. While our panel wasn’t as exciting as we’d hoped, we had solid material and research to back it up, so we’re definitely going to use it in the future, probably turn it into a podcast–so be on the ready. However, our video was awesome, and you can watch it here.

Doing panels for KCon, is so much fun–it’s just a thrill and I hope, I cross my fingers, that we were just interesting enough to be invited back.



  • Reply kfangurl August 10, 2015 at 12:01 am

    Woot! Thanks for sharing your KCON adventure! It gives folks who live too far to go (like me!) a chance to imagine what it’s like to be there 🙂 Also, props for doing it all, in spite of your injury!

  • Reply DDee August 10, 2015 at 12:21 am

    Whee! What a great read! Like KFG, I’m on the other side of the planet too so this is a little like being there in the flesh. No doubts you & Cherry crushed your panels! Would love to see your men of K-drama panel turned into a post too. That video had me smiling, so many of my faves are in there! And just when I was like, come on now, where’s Boong Do?!, BOOM, he appeared :D.

  • Reply lakaribane August 13, 2015 at 11:24 am

    Donsaeng! I have been out of the K-loop for sooo long, all summer, even! I’m trying to get caught-up. I listened to your podcasts and youtube, thank you for the recs, Multifacetedacg is killing me, LOL! And I’ve come to a decision: If there is a k-pop thing next Aug in NYC, I am soooo coming. Promise we will meet up, ok? I’m broke, have no valid passport (big crisis over here) and my visas have all expired but it’s a goal, right? Oh, and wanted to know if you solved the voice message issue for non-US subscribers. One of my students, I think, told me that Whatsapp has phone calls now?!?!? or something. Like Skype. Think about it. My best to Cherry Cordial! Fighting!

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