The People of KCon

Posted by Stephanie on August 5, 2015



IT’S KCON, BITCHES! You might not know this but one of the best things about going to KCON is not the merch, it’s not the panels, hell, it’s not even the concerts. You know what it is? It’s being around all of the people. You know, these are our people! In our daily lives, how often can we be around people who not only understand our weirdo obsession, but also revel in it?

For a people watcher like me, KCON was an amazing place where we got to see tons of amazing people, in various states of dress, all there to have fun and celebrate our collective weirdness. Here are some of my favorites:

Jade swapped a burrito for a Roy Kim high touch!


Here’s Cindy, one of my Hidden Identity partners in crime!


Hey Mamacita! This took some amazing effort.


Anyone else have the urge to go over and rip her name tag off??


Amy gave me her Saturday Red Carpet scratcher–yep–I got that much more face time with Super Junior because of her!


Not sure I could pull off an ice cream hat. I could pull off an ice cream though!


I got to meet reader Jacqueline and we were very eager for the Discovering Kindie Music panel.

Jacqueline and I are excited for the KIndie music panel at #kcon15la

DramaBeans was there. JavaBeans and Girl Friday rocked their panel. Do you know they are now roommates?


Anyone know what this is from?


BEST MOMENT EVER! Saphen came over and said she loves the podcast!!! Weekend? Made!


We’re jumping, we’re jumping! Everybody…


Aw… podcast listeners, Cherry was so excited to meet (ahem, fangirl over) one of her favorite YouTube reaction stars, JREKML.

Aw... podcast listeners, Cherry met one of her fav YouTube stars, #itsjre! #kcon15la

Girls resorting to piggybacking each other to catch a glimpse of Son Ho Jun (from Answer Me 1994)


Somebody is a big Got7 fan!


Isn’t she fab??


Young Ahjummah and I after rocking our kpop fans over 30 panel!

Found these guys waiting in line for the first concert.


LOVE her hair!


In the panelist green room we met Youtuber Jeffery Fever! He was so freaking nice and the one Youtuber I actually fangirled over.


Can’t wait for next year, where hopefully I’ll be more mobile and will be able to catch more people! The cosplayers move fast!

More KCON posts to come…


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