Yong Pal—Healer—The Doctor Edition?

Posted by Stephanie on July 28, 2015



It’s getting closer and closer to the premier of Joo Won’s new drama Yong Pal, that lovely time where teasers and stills are coming out by the day in an attempt to lure in us viewers. Although I’m pretty sure all they need to do is point to a picture of Joo Won and say “See? He’s in it!” and the fangirls will come a-runnin’. Or at least the international fans. I can never gaudge how something will go over in Korea.

I’m a sucker for a good teaser and I think that this drama has come out with a stellar one. I knew the drama was going to be some sort of doctor for the uber wealthy and underbelly of Korean society, but I had no idea it was going to be so action oriented. Which is a giant mark in this shows favor. I realize just how much I like a good action adventure drama (which is weird considering my complete avoidance of City Hunter) so chalk me up for the “I Can’t Wait For This Drama” line.

And not just because Joo Won is in it.


Okay, in all honesty he is a big lure, I’ve been a big fan of his since Bridal Mask (even though I did manage to miss most of his follow up dramas) and while I loved his comic timing in Tomorrow Cantibile, my favorite Joo Won is high intensity some sort of tragic backstory Joo Won.

Check out the teaser:


Doesn’t that look awesome? Told you. I hope it keeps up the action intensity and it isn’t just a first few episodes lure. Yeah, I’m looking at you Korean Dramas, we’re all wise to your first episodes bait and switch…

Yong Pal starts right after Mask finishes it’s run and I will absolutely be checking out those first few episodes—and then I’ll promptly dump it—but that will be due to my lack of follow through and (hopefully) will have nothing to do with the show itself.

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  • Reply Christina July 28, 2015 at 4:39 pm

    Not really a fan of either lead, but I liked the actiony vibe of the trailer so maybe this will be my first Joo Won drama I actually finish.

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