Fun Friday: Gif Dance Off with XE, Cherry Cordial, and Kpop Biases

Posted by Stephanie on July 17, 2015

Fun Friday

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Heh. Heh. Heh. The things that Kpop/Kdrama fans get up to when they group together with extra time on their hands. No good can come of this. Or lots and lots of good, depending on your perspective. Here is a part of a chat between XE, Cherry Cordial, and I that went fangirly and… sideways.

Cherry Cordial: And more Heechul goodness…

Stephanie:  Dude. I FUCKING love Heechul.

XE: I can see why he would get in a fight with Leeteuk. Leeteuk may be the leader but Heechul holds everyone’s feet to the fire.

Cherry Cordial: Isn’t he awesome?

Stephanie:  That is the Best. Thing. Ever.

Cherry Cordial: That smile at the end after he tells the emcee to talk about them.

Stephanie: I LOVE the smile at the end—he knew exactly what he did there.

XE: Fucking fierce.

Cherry Cordial: Hmmm… I may have to watch more stuff with Heechul, because this is making me tempted to consider him for my bias again.

XE: IKR? Lately I’ve been wondering if I really do like Eunhyuk the most. I think that means he needs to have a wicked dancing fan video and remind me.





Stephanie: EUNHYUK! It is best to remind me of my Eunhyuk bias, as I’m in the throes of Heechul Squeees.

XE: gif dance party… GO

XE: Xiumin: Did someone say dance party?


Cherry Cordial: Heechul wants in on the action.


Stephanie: And back to me, Eunhyuk says.


I think Eunhyuk wins that round hands down.

Molly: LOL, Now that’s what I’m talking bout!

XE: He is hard to beat.


Too late sweetie

Stephanie: hahahhaha. Ouch. I’m still watching the SUJU tumblr. You can see their irritation with EXO. My dislike for them has been recharged. I’m here for you Heechul! (Although did you see in his insta that he had a picture with Chanyeol?)


Thats the one.

XE: Did you know SM made SJ carry out their own tables and chairs for a recent press con?

Stephanie: Are you fudging kidding me? No wonder there is irritation.

Cherry Cordial: Taemin wonders if he’s too late for the dance party.1

XE: NEVER. He is always welcome.

Cherry Cordial: Well, that was animated… Just a sec.

Stephanie:  I’m sorry, yes, with that hair? He’s too late.

Cherry Cordial:

Cherry Cordial: Click through and you’ll see it.

Stephanie:  See? He can’t even gif properly.

Cherry Cordial: Taemin is awesome, lay off his hair and giffiness!

Stephanie:  He gets docked serous points.

XE: Ethereal beings are not judged by your point system.7

Cherry Cordial: Heh… that’s where I was going, too…8

XE: So Cherry and I are Shawol’s, clearly.

Cherry Cordial: Oh yeah.

Cherry Cordial:9

Cherry Cordial: And after all that on stage, you get this…10

Stephanie:  Took him a while to get that shirt off. The pause made him look a bit like LOOK AT MY BOOBS! I’ve got ’em! You’d think they’d have a robe waiting for him or something.

XE: Hush you.


Stephanie:  Booooobs! look I have them! Gaze upon my form, fools, gaze!

Cherry Cordial: You’re making me pull out the big guns…

XE: The only way to make that video more XE friendly is if his skin was covered in glitter too.

Stephanie:  Who does he think he is? GD?

XE: He’s friendlier. I need Toit to do an edit of Taemin as that woman in the shell painting.

XE: 2

Stephanie:  hahahhahaha

XE: Jonghyun is the woman in white trying to cover Venus, and Kai is the one flying towards Venus, being held back by D.O.

Stephanie:  Why would D.O care?

Cherry Cordial: Because people ship KaiSoo.

XE: It is a pretty nasty rivalry.

Cherry Cordial: And XE does not, so her Kai will be trying to get to Taemin, while Kyungsoo is trying to keep him away.

XE: TaeKai is love, KaiSoo are coworkers.

Stephanie: Good lord.

XE: heh. Ha, and exo-mastersofthenoonaverse heard about our dance party.

Stephanie: Get out of here EXO—we want none of your kind here.

Cherry Cordial:

XE: Only Shinee can make that dance look good.

Cherry Cordial: Agreed.

XE: Taemin is, like, 16 in that video.

Cherry Cordial: Yeah, if I go from their old stuff to the new too fast, I get very confused as to which column he goes in, and my head starts to hurt.

XE: He does look pretty baby-faced in that one. So does Key.

Cherry Cordial: Ooh, that reminds me, I need to go watch Key’s Knowhow for this week. I’ve learned so many things already. Like how to take a bubble bath, how to be fashionable during the rain…

XE: I haven’t watched any yet, I need to get on that.

Cherry Cordial:

XE: yup

Cherry Cordial: So… Kai heard that Taemin was at a dance party and wanted to join us.


XE: Cackling over your choice of Kai gifs.

Stephanie: He looks like he hurt himself there.

Cherry Cordial: I just came across it on my dash.

Here’s another one.


XE: He really doesn’t half-ass his dancing.

Cherry Cordial: Maybe you want a different kind of dance?


Stephanie: Show off.

XE: There are not nearly enough videos of Kai doing ballet.

Cherry Cordial: I randomly search out dancing Kai gifs and message them to Mystical Being of Unicorns to wish her an awesome day. And I get back things like… “kakfdskjfdkjfkld! What are you trying to do to me?!”

**As this was taken out of a chat, I didn’t have the credits for the gifs. If any of these are yours, let me know, and I’ll pop in some credit! Also if they are yours? Good job, you are the lifeblood to fangirls everywhere…


  • Reply justanotheranimefan July 17, 2015 at 2:56 pm

    Why all the EXO hate?

    • Reply Stephanie July 18, 2015 at 1:22 pm

      HAHAHHA! Not all EXO hate. Cherry and XE are fans. I think DO and Chanyeol are super cute (thanks fanfiction!) but as a whole I have an irrational dislike of the group.

      • Reply justanotheranimefan July 20, 2015 at 4:40 am

        Haha fair enough. Is there anything in particular you dislike? Or is it more the way they’re treated by SM Entertainment?

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