An Invitation To Kwang Soo From Song Joong Ki

Posted by Stephanie on July 16, 2015


Descendant of the Sun

This article is for my friend Jami McFeeley. Now, the rest of you can listen in if you’d like, but just keep in mind, this is not for you.

So remember how much you love Kwang Soo from Running Man? You know, your beloved Giraffe. The betrayer. The funny one.

Remember how much I wanted you to watch one of his dramas? Yes, you were sure this was just a plot on my point to get you sucked into watching kdramas and you know what? You’re right. What can I say? It’s a Kdrama fan’s job, no, her moral obligation to get more people hooked on these shows. It’s in the rule book. I’d show you the rule book but we only whip that sucker out once you’re good and plenty hooked. (As it’s best not to know what you’re getting into ahead of time, these fandoms can be… complicated.) 

Yes, you tried (after much poking and prodding) that one episode of It’s Okay That’s Love with the promise of awesome Kwang Soo. But you said you didn’t like it. I’m not sure how that happened. I’m guessing you just didn’t try hard enough. Or maybe you just weren’t aware of the Four Episode Rule. (As it is in said rule book that you haven’t seen. Hmm… maybe we should readjust the rule book rule.)

Nevermind that.

However. This is epic. This is a big step in the Kwang Soo fandom. As we haven’t actually watched the first episodes of Running Man, you are probably unaware of the legendary bromance between Kwang Soo and Song Joong Ki. You are probably unaware there actually IS a Song Joong Ki. You probably think Kwang Soo and Jong Kook is where it’s at. And I feel bad about that. I feel like I let you down in some way. If you don’t know about the Flower Power Joong Ki, you won’t know about their real life bromance and how just fanfiction-tastic it is. We all wept, just a little bit when he left the show. And we all were sad for Kwang Soo when his BFF went to the military. And we all cheered when he came out, not for us, no because we knew just how much it would mean to Kwang Soo.

As a Kwang Soo fan, don’t you feel a little bad about missing all of this? He has layers man, layers. He’s not just the Betrayer. He is a good and loyal friend who happens to have hidden abs that go on for days. decendans from teh sun

If you know none of this backstory, are ignorant of the history of Kwang Soo and Song Joong Ki, then the news that Song Joong Ki personally requested that Kwang Soo be cast in a guest spot in his new mega, soon-to-be-giant, hit drama, Descendant Of The Sun, will mean nothing to you. The fact that he said, “I want my friend to be a part of the biggest drama of the year,” will be just a blip on your “Oh that’s nice” radar is unconscionable.

Here’s the thing though, I’m not sure who to blame, but I’m guessing it should be me. If I had just trained you properly in the ways of Running Man and real life bromances. If I’d been there, if I hadn’t moved away, I could have sat down with you and had these face-to-face conversations. We could have sat you down and forced you to watch dramas until they sunk into your brain—latching on like some sort of… attaching-on-sort-of-insect where the fandom would have a proper time to fester and grow. I have done you, Kwang Soo, and more importantly, Kdrama as a whole a disservice and I apologize.

For the rest of us though, we shall continue to look forward to this drama and this particular cameo and will squeee with the force of three fangirls when they are on screen together.


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  • Reply Molly in Kdramaland January 15, 2016 at 12:46 am

    Jamie, how could you not like the awesomeness that is It’s Okay That’s Love?? (Yep – Kdrama rule: must give a Kdrama the requisite 4 episodes before calling it quits. Trust us, a lot can happen in 4 episodes.) But you haven’t caught the Kdrama bug yet, so you get a pass. However, when you do catch the bug, we’ll happily welcome you into the fun fangirling club of the Kdrama obsessed. 🙂

    Stephanie – I didn’t know Song Joong Ki invited BFF Kwang Soo to have a cameo in Descendant of the Sun!!! OMG. This drama just keeps getting better and better!

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