Musical Monday: The Happy Happy Joy Joy Edition

Posted by Stephanie on July 13, 2015


b1a4 baby good night

As KCON is nigh, we’re talking bands who performed, which, of course, makes of think of last year. By far the best discovery (for me, as I’m sure the rest of you aren’t as musically stubborn as I am and were already aware of how delightfully awesome this group is) was absolutely B1A4. Within their performance I went from being almost anti-fanish to a full on, card carrying, sprout-headband-wearing BANA.

B1A4 KCON IMG_0313

Their music is just so much fun. You can’t take them seriously, and, in return, when you’re listening, you can’t take yourself too seriously. This is best for both anxiety-driven situations and happy beach days.

The best news all summer is (no, unfortunately not that they are coming back to KCON) they are due to release new music in August. Here’s hoping that their new music comes with a new tour and that the tour comes to the US and that the tour comes to NYC. I will go again in a heartbeat.

This video and song is, of course, super cute. It also features my favorite CNU look with the long hair and the glasses.

Now, after this, you know what I’ll be listening to all day.

B1A4, Baby Good Night

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