Musical Monday: The You Guessed It Edition

Posted by Stephanie on July 6, 2015


SURPRISE! I decided to go against type and not do BigBang’s new song.  So instead…



I am starting to love the crap out of this new CD, I don’t even hate on them anymore for doling the songs out month by month. You know why? Each new month is like a little present to me—TO ME! And Sober is a nice little icing on that cake. It’s just a fun, summertime song.

And the video? It was a fun watch.

Moom! GD is looking at me. And looking at me. And looking at me. And looking at me.


It’s a dick in a box!


Dreds? NO Taeyang, NO!!!


I think GD may have gone crazy. It’s the only explanation.


WHERE IS T.O.P? Are you hiding him? Uncool, guys, uncool.

Yep, GD’s gone round the bend. It explains the muppet eyeball sweater.


If only there really were enough GDs to go around. You get a GD, and You get a GD, and YOU GET…


Why did they put Daesung in a blouse? Do they hate him? Did he offend the stylist for MADE in some way? Did they think during Alive he was just too cute and needed him to reel that shit in?


T.O.P, finally! It’s about fudging time.


Glad to see he’s managed to lose the “Bae Bae” hair.


GOAT! HAHAHAHAHHAAH! Do you think they knew about the BigBang/EXO fan wars when making this video? The only thing this goat is missing is a smattering of glitter.


Back away from the horse T.O.P, back away from the horse.


Keep thinking about how much fun he must have had filming this video—the goat? Not so much.


Why is everything so… ahem… smoky?


Think Daesung is actually drumming? Is he a drummer? He looks convincing, but, as I’m not a drummer, what do I know? Do you think a drummer looks at that and sneers? Do you think he had to learn how to fake drum? Wouldn’t it just be easier to take up an instrument? Maybe they can all take up instruments? Maybe that’s why T.O.P was rocking the band uniform in “Bang Bang Bang.” Maybe they’ve all joined the band. I wonder what instrument T.O.P would play? I see Seungri with a dumb saxaphone trying to pick up chicks a la Boys Over Flowers.

I think I got sidetracked…


Oh, Seungri is trying to find GD to give him the rest of his muppet costume.


SQUEEE! GD/TOP MV throwback! Now this is one pairing I want to see again.


Umm… why is GD the only one who gets a girl?


I submit this as further evidence that BigBang has joined a marching band.


Way to be subtle boys, although I will say this is probably the one thing in this video that makes sense…


I do love a good running montage.


Is that the Stig? Don’t even bother guys, you’ll never catch him!


BigBang, Sober

I hear that there are some out there who really dislike this song, but I really love it. How about you? What did you think? How are you enjoying the MADE so far?



  • Reply Heather in ohio July 6, 2015 at 3:12 pm

    I love the song…Each month I think I can’t like it more but I do. It makes going to see them in October all the more exciting. Lets hope August is even better.

  • Reply justanotheranimefan July 7, 2015 at 6:55 am

    I love this song as well! But the lyrics are in stark contrast with the fun of the MV which sorta threw me when I first looked them up…

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