Cruel Romance Live Chat Live Stream (Ep 5-8)

Posted by Stephanie on June 17, 2015



Here’s second edition of the Cruel Romance chat between Amber Kmuse, Cherry Cordial and myself! It was another great group of episodes and this drama just keeps getting more and more addictive! 

Stephanie: Okay, Are we ready? Let’s begin episode 5!

Amber Kmuse: Woot… bring on the chesticles

Stephanie: If we all remember where we left off before: Sister Bitchbob had vowed revenge,  Blead had lost the watch, and Dumb Heroine liplocked with Leisure Suit’s (hero) man boob. Are we all caught up?

Cherry Cordial: Caught up and ready to go.

Stephanie: What is with this Skinamax music in the background?3

Was he wearing the leather jacket in the last episode? I don’t think so. Did he put it on post fight?

Amber Kmuse: I like that jacket. Probably not historically accurate

Cherry Cordial: Awww… he’s tending her wound…

Stephanie:  Nothing good comes from being with him? I dunno. You have copped a lot of man feels since knowing him

Amber Kmuse: She was restrained.  I would never take my hands off him if it was me

Stephanie: Yep, the heroine has definitely got her spunk on5

Cherry Cordial: Scrubbing floors for her room and board…

Amber Kmuse: All good heroines love menial labor.

Stephanie: Is he feeling her up? Lay off the hands mister! You are not the true Blead yet6

Uhoh! Is the maid who gave her stink face her ‘friend’?

Cherry Cordial: No she’s not… It’s some other maid that’s pissed she’s getting preferential treatment.

Stephanie: Way to go hot bad guy, for rubbing it in that you totally creamed that guy. “Remember that time? I totally got you! No really, I got you good!” What is the point of this scene?

Never mind. Exposition. Lots and lots of exposition

Cherry Cordial: Exposition and sashimi guy. What a combination.

Amber Kmuse: Chinese dramas need lots of extra fought scenes


Stephanie: It’s Newesie!

GASP! Is he friends with Minion #2?

Cherry Cordial: Warning shots fired against Bitchbob.

Stephanie: OOOOH!!! Leisure Suit is staking his claim on Dumb Heroine!!! Sorry–that is fudging sexy9

Don’t fall for it Leisure Suit! Don’t take minion #2 to your house!

UGH I now hate this show. If she actually goes to live at his house I’ll be peeved.

Cherry Cordial: Spy in the house! Warning!

Stephanie: We can’t let her climb up this big tree. This big man shaped tree.

Cherry Cordial: Big, sexy, man-shaped tree.

Stephanie: HAHAHAHA

Something tells me that is not the actual voice of the priest

Cherry Cordial: Ruh roh!10

Stephanie: Dumb Heroine if you wanted to know what sort of enemy you faced, maybe you shouldn’t have handed over the watch so easily

Cherry Cordial: Watch out girl!

Stephanie:  Oh noes!Hot Bad Guy dead ahead! Did he see her or is he just lurking her?

Cherry Cordial: Ooh, bad guy code words! He used the watch code words and killed the shoe shine guy.11

Stephanie: You can never trust a man with a dragon headed pimp cane.

Is hot bad guy dressed in head to toe pleather? I’m getting bad my guys and my other bad guys and those other bad guys confused.

I love that Leisure Suit is standing up for Dumb Heroine

Cherry Cordial: Ooh, willing to die for her?

Stephanie: Why do I think King of the Badguys has some sort of venereal disease?13

Cherry Cordial: Who, the old guy? Probably.

He’s so pissed she wants to stay away from him. It’s awesome to see.

Stephanie: She’s probably one of the first people to say no to him.

Don’t touch Blead like that! Ew. You’re going to break his dumb watch loosing heart

Cherry Cordial: Crap, it’s the touch of instalove. Rich, spoiled, entitled, instalove.


Stephanie: Oh, Blead has some sweet lady skills–and by sweet I mean none at all


UGH. Of course someone saw them.

Cherry Cordial: It was evil-eye maid.

Stephanie: I don’t really feel bad for Blead. Dumbass.

OOOH a little lower camera!

Cherry Cordial: Ooh, manboob!


Stephanie: AND WE HAVE MAN BOOB!!!! At 21 minutes into the episode that took way too long.

I will allow you to be my woman–sexxy.

This is awesome. It is so romance novel-y

Cherry Cordial: It so is!

Stephanie: Do you think Leisure Suit actually loves her or is just intrigued?


Uhoh, he gets his lady romancin’ skills from Blead

Cherry Cordial: Well, he’s not much on the lead up, is he?

Stephanie: I want to say don’t break his heart Dumb Heroine but I think that will just make him like her more

EEEWWWWWWW Stay away from him Minion #2

Cherry Cordial: At least he’s not falling for it.

Cherry Cordial: “You are you. She is she.”


Stephanie: awwwww. …that gets me in my heartly area

UGGGGGH of course Minion #2  knows about Dumb Heroine sitting in Blead’s lap. The story is so predictable in ways but I just have to let that go

Cherry Cordial: What, Bitchbob? You didn’t want Blead? And now you’re pissed he likes Dumb Heroine?

Stephanie: Oooh, it’s the old stick the heroine in the bag trick.

Cherry Cordial: Another kidnapping!

Stephanie: She is Jandi unlucky.

Do you think Sister Bitchbob is jelly?

Cherry Cordial: Of course she is. Even though she doesn’t really want him…


Stephanie: She just doesn’t want anyone else to have him. You’re going to lose, Sister Bitchbob and you are going to lose badly!21

Cherry Cordial: Of course, it doesn’t help that she’s right and he’s only interested because it’s her sister.

Stephanie: OOooh and it’s already beginning.

I’m surprised the brother actually married her I though she was just some kind of mistress.

Cherry Cordial: Oh, he just said she’s not married yet… So maybe calling her sister-in-law is just a courtesy.

Stephanie: Oh, he’s stuck between a rock and a Bitchbob.

Cherry Cordial: lol

Stephanie: Yeah, you should have married him.

Of course the only reason he wants your sister is because she looks like you—-self centered much?

Wait, is Blead saying he had no prospects?

Cherry Cordial: Oh my gosh, the kidnapping was hero’s minions?!


Stephanie: The hero kidnapped her?

Cherry Cordial: hahahahah

Stephanie: Or was it Newsie?

Cherry Cordial: I think it was Newsie.

Stephanie: Surprise! I just stole you a girlfriend!

Cherry Cordial: rofl!

Amber Kmuse: I laughed so hard at the kidnapping. .. virgin sacrifice anyone

Stephanie: heh heh heh.

Amber Kmuse: And then he just goes with it.   Gotta love the alpha male

Stephanie: She must have some magical pheromones– evvvvveryone with man parts wants a piece of her

Cherry Cordial: Hmmm… Newsie’d better make sure she’s safe now that Leisure Suit’s mad at her.23

Stephanie: Especially with someone who gets in trouble as much as she does.

Stephanie: Don’t move. I’m gonna put my very bad moves on you.

Cherry Cordial: Blead just likes punching random guys, it seems.

Stephanie: You know, because all girls love drunk, pushy idiots.

Cherry Cordial: He has such bad lines. Pickup lines, I mean.24

I half expect him to say, “Did it hurt when you fell from heaven?”


Amber Kmuse: He is not turning out to be that great of a B lead.

Stephanie: Is Blead looking to get his butt kicked? I think he’s spoiling for a fight.



Cherry Cordial: Yeah, I think he’s itching for a fight.

Stephanie: Um. He won that fight waaay too easily.

Cherry Cordial: I don’t think it’s over…

Yeah, that’s right, apologize, Newsie.

Stephanie: By the way, your last kidnapping? That was totes me. My bad G.


Cherry Cordial: At least she knows it wasn’t Leisure Suit.

Stephanie: I totally wanted to lay you at my boss’s feet like a Christmas present with boobies.

Amber Kmuse: He really loves his boss . Where is my minion kidnapping khotties and throwing them at my feet?

 Cherry Cordial: Right? We’re falling down on the job.

Stephanie: And yeah, Newsie seems to have a touch of manlove for Liesure Suit

Cherry Cordial: See? B-lead isn’t out of the woods.28

Stephanie: He was arrested?  For once are they are actually going to the law?

Oh yeah, of course Dumb Heroine can run as fast as a speeding car

Wait. What I though they took him to the police station? Why is he in the forest now?

And how did Minon #2 find out so fast?

Awwww Newsie fessed up to Leisure Suit!

Cherry Cordial: Awww…I like that it wasn’t left as a misunderstanding. But his pride is involved now.

Stephanie: Exactly as it would be with any good romance hero.29

Cherry Cordial: And…. episode complete…

Stephanie: HAHAHAHAHA I love that the subbing team is called gone with the shirt team

Amber Kmuse: Very apt

Stephanie: Although I’m very disappointed in our hero for only being shirtless once this entire episode

Cherry Cordial: Yep, love it!

Molly In Kdramaland: Not gonna lie. My favorite scenes.

Stephanie: now on to episode 6!

Isn’t it telling that they have the initial picture of them in the book? IT IS A ROMANCE NOVEL1

Amber Kmuse: Lol

Stephanie: Okay, in his black leather he is schmexy

Dude. Didn’t one of the bad guys look like Sung Joon?

Amber Kmuse: Sung Joon is sexy.

Stephanie: I don’t get what the Blead is doing–Is he going for like death by cop?30

Amber Kmuse: Lol

Cherry Cordial: Possibly. He’s really emo about Bitchbob.

Stephanie: Like he has a for realz death wish

Yeah, that’s productive Dumb Heroine; just sit outside the police station.

Cherry Cordial: Save her Leisure Suit! Even if she rejected you!

Noooo!!! He just left.

Stephanie: awww….Leisure Suit is embarrassed! She wounded his manly man pride.

He’s gonna feel worse when she gets herself in trouble again

Of course she caught up to the car as she’s fast like lightning.


Cherry Cordial: Really, dude?

Stephanie: Seriously?

Cherry Cordial: playing chicken?

Stephanie: He’s scooped her up again! I’m totally in his corner now.

Cherry Cordial: Ooh, angry medicine is the best medicine.

Stephanie: hehehehehe Does she just now realize she’s injured?

Cherry Cordial: “Your hurt knee has personally offended me!” Ooh, he’s gonna be so pissed that she’s coming for another guy.32

Stephanie: ooooh! You dare mention another man to me?

Amber Kmuse: He is a saint sometimes.

Stephanie: Why is he unconcerned his bosses brother has been arrested?

Amber Kmuse: How can she notice other men?   No one has as nice a chest as him. He is the king of the chesticles.

Stephanie: OOOh sneaky sneaky.

Cherry Cordial: Dude, you can’t even be angry that she thinks B-lead is her savior. You wouldn’t let him tell her it was you.

Stephanie: I love a good strut!!!! Hot damn he looks sexy when he’s smug. Which kind of means he’s sexy all the time.33

Leisure Suit has too many minions; I’m having a hard time keeping them straight.

Amber Kmuse: I only recognize the main two and the hipster ponytail boy.

Cherry Cordial: We already knew the police were dirty.

Stephanie: I do wonder how Leisure Suit got tangled up with all these people. I can’t wait for some back-story. I’m learning I do love  a good thuggish hero.

UGH. So everyone is crooked. Everyone is out to get everyone. Irritating34

Amber Kmuse: Yup…Have to make thug hero seem less dirty by making everyone else worse

Stephanie: True

Will Sister Bitchbob fall for his lies?

Cherry Cordial: Of course not, a liar recognizes a lie.

Stephanie: Ew. She may be evil but that’s no reason to man handle her

The men are very touchy—“Ima gonna do you if given the chance, or if I find you down a dark alley” in this drama35

Oh yeah–you could totally tell from a single conversation that Sister Bitchbob had been with both brothers.

Awwwww…..he wants her to take care of herself.

and all she wants to talk about is another man. Dummy

Cherry Cordial: Awww… he wants that worry to be for himself…

Stephanie: Seeee? All the man are so handsy. Gross. I want to slap all of them.

Cherry Cordial: I don’t care for Bitchbob, but I’m glad she shut him down.

Stephanie: Yeah, go ahead torture him. You know because he won’t be able to implicate you and make your life miserable when he gets out.

I can’t wait for the Perv Cop and the Son of a Perv to get theirs.36

Cherry Cordial: Ooh! Good on b-lead for the ear-biting.

Stephanie: Blead is pretty cocky for someone being tortured. WHAT IS HIS DEAL??? I don’t get it

Amber Kmuse: Poor writing in my opinion.

Cherry Cordial: I think he’s still considering death by cop — or Son of a Perv, whatever the case may be.

Amber Kmuse: Of course that might be my feelings of future him bleeding into past him


Stephanie: I love the smirk Newsie gave him. He knows what she’s doing–so does Leisure Suit. But the thing is even though he knows; he’s still going to fall for it

Cherry Cordial: Wow, Leisure Suit shut down city commerce just to get to Perv Cop? What can’t this guy do?

Stephanie: Oh, so now Son of a Perv realizes it was a bad idea to steal the Blead and, you know, torture him.

Let your own brother rot in jail? That’s hard core

Cherry Cordial: Awww… Leisure Suit is looking out for Blead’s pride.

Amber Kmuse: Yup…

Stephanie: Hahahahhaa I think Newsie may be one of my favorite characters, I love his expressions.


Amber Kmuse: I love that you call him Newsie

Stephanie: LAUGH. I love that she just pushes him in the butt. He has met his match.

He took her to the big meeting? Don’t mind her; she’s just my personal…doctor. My lurve doctor.

Cherry Cordial: She invited herself along… you know, in case he gets violent.

Stephanie: And now Perv Cop knows of her existence. Not the best plan40

Like we all couldn’t see her messing up the meeting coming.

I’m falling under Leisure Suit’s spell

Cherry Cordial: He is pretty awesome.

Stephanie: I may have to give him a nickname more befitting his stature…and hotness

You wanna steal my people? I’ll fudging steal your people

Cherry Cordial: And by the way, I know you’ve embezzled.

Stephanie: oh yeah, by the by, I know you’re a pervy shithead. Your time has come.

What do you want? Ummm isn’t that pretty obvious?

So Leisure Suit is going to cover up Perv Cop’s crimes? I don’t care for that

Cherry Cordial: Me neither.

Stephanie: I hope there is poison in that water.

He’s all you dare be cute in my presence? ?41

Cherry Cordial: Ooh, all a big ol’ bluff!

Stephanie: HAHAHAHA–they never stole her.

Amber Kmuse: Love him.   He is smart and alpha-ish.

Cherry Cordial: That’s right you owe him!

Stephanie: So upside of this is maybe the Dumb Heroine will see Blead is bad news? Although she’s pretty dumb so probably not.

Cherry Cordial: Entitled little rat. He’s not so smart going in for the kiss on Leisure Suit’s girl.

Stephanie: Certainly not right in front of him

Heh heh heh. The jealous face on Leisure Suit is hilarious. He looks like a grumpy puppy.42

Cherry Cordial: Starting 7. B-lead is dumb, dumb, dumb

Stephanie: You dare look upon the lady I have marked for my own even though she has not agreed and actually said she hates me for realz? The mark of a proper alpha.

Amber Kmuse: Might as well pee on her and mark her as his.

Stephanie: HAHAHAHAH

Shouldn’t the brother be spitting for revenge?

Cherry Cordial: I totally don’t get what Bitchbob sees in B-lead.  He’s a whiny loser.


For someone who is so wealthy she wears the same hairpin a lot



Cherry Cordial: Oh, Bitchbob, why would you do that?

Stephanie: Don’t make out with your soon to be husbands brother. And in the brother’s house?

Cherry Cordial: I don’t even like you and I’m pitying you right now for the shitstorm you just kicked up.

Stephanie: Do you think the brother actually didn’t know about BLeand and Sister Bitchbob’s relationship when he went after her? For some reason I don’t think so.

Cherry Cordial: I don’t know dude, do sisters sleep with their own brothers? Then she’s not treating him like her brother, right?

Stephanie: Oooooh. She equates the brother to all the others who want to manhandle her.

Cherry Cordial: As she should.

Amber Kmuse: Bitchbob is messed up.

Stephanie: I’m just not seeing Blead as being a better choice.

Ohh, only two episode later and we’re getting back to the plot of the drama.


Cherry Cordial: Damn, Hot Evil Guy is killing all the resistance guys.

Stupid Blead…

Amber Kmuse: At least the brother is competent

Cherry Cordial: Watch-loser

Amber Kmuse: Lol

Stephanie: He is like a kid with a temper tantrum.

Cherry Cordial: He totally is46

Stephanie: And why does it look like the brother is a vampire drinking blood?

Cherry Cordial: Ooh, side story! Vampire Gangster! Sounds like a k-drama in the making.

Stephanie: laugh What can you do? Maybe stop getting into stupid fights…not making moves on your sister in law…not getting yourself kidnapped.

Cherry Cordial: But those would be *smart* things to do. What other, dumb, things can he do?

Amber Kmuse: Pretty but not smart. Sadly the dumb out ways the pretty

Cherry Cordial: Hair guy!47

Cherry Cordial: Where’s Newsie’s hat?! How am I supposed to recognize him now?

Stephanie: Those are some big fucking baskets for 2 tiny bowls

He’s inside Cherry Cordial, his mother didn’t raise him in a barn!

Cherry Cordial: Well, I’m properly chastised.

Awww… a smiling alpha hero.

Stephanie: BURN that soup wasn’t for him!

awwww. she’s starting to get a case of warm fuzzies!

She’s luring him in–like any spunky heroine should.

Cherry Cordial: Of course!

Stephanie: Aww. Blead is all pouty. Surprise!

Cherry Cordial: B-lead has awesome regenerative powers. Must be the vampire bloodlines.48

Really? Feed him like a baby? That’s his move? Sexy…

Amber Kmuse: Lol

Stephanie: You’ve just been walking all over Shanghi with that soup–here’s a tip–it’s no longer hot.

Cherry Cordial: Well, I’m not too upset that Bitchbob won’t let her in the house. She doesn’t need to be hanging out with dumb B-lead anyway.

Stephanie: Yes, Sister Bitchbob is learning she’s no longer the fairest in the land.


Cherry Cordial: Awww… Minion #1 is so fired for that. No sticking up for innocent little sisters in *this* house!

Stephanie: I hope that Leisure Suit does not fall for her evil plans.

Yeah, sure there’s no way out, you know because 1) those walls are so fucking high and 2) those trees can easily be used as a ladder.


Cherry Cordial: And the work torture begins……she’s just like Cinderella!

Stephanie: Is she going to be set up for theft of something?

Cherry Cordial: Probably. That seems par for the course.

Amber Kmuse: Yup

Stephanie: You know what would be nice is if her friend and Newsie got together.

Cherry Cordial: Ooh, I like that! If it doesn’t happen, we can always write fanfic.51

Amber Kmuse: Awww I Like that as well. Newsie needs a love line.

Stephanie: bitches bitches everywhere

Cherry Cordial: Why is the water brown? It worries me. Mean Girls, cdrama edition.

Stephanie: oooh, you don’t know about me but all the boys love me and my boyfriends will soon be after you.

Cherry Cordial: I like that she’s not using her connections to threaten them.

Stephanie: she doesn’t need to

Cherry Cordial: But I’d like if she at least told the guys what’s going on.

Ahhh… he has spies!Good.

Stephanie: I love that he’s watching out for her.

Amber Kmuse: Agree.   And I kind of like that she doesn’t know

Stephanie: I want him to swoop in and take her away.

And I like that he knows so that if they try to frame her for something he already knows something is going down.

Cherry Cordial: Wow, if he finds out Bitchbob’s behind this, she’s gonna be in trouuuubbblllleeee.52

Stephanie: ugh. Like we all didn’t see this coming–sometimes this show irritates me.

Cherry Cordial: And you were right about the frame. And of course they’re gonna find it in her room.

Stephanie: ugh sometimes I hate being so good at guessing these things.

And I hate this show for being so predictable.

And Minion #2 happened to be there at just the right moment? Handy.

Ugh I love the friend though.53

Cherry Cordial: I just want Dumb Heroine to go live in his house with her maid friend and Minion #1 and be a happy family.

Stephanie: yes!

Amber Kmuse: Yup

Stephanie: And if I can add in the Newsie romance, I’ll be super happy.

For someone who was just starved and beaten, and collapsed, she’s acting pretty spunky

Cherry Cordial: Really? He’s just watching while all her stuff’s stolen? Bad Leisure Suit, bad!

Stephanie: Just when you thought you hit rock bottom the man who’s claimed you lets all your shit get stolen.

Cherry Cordial: Really? I told you so? Dude That’s not how you get a girl.54

Stephanie: GOOD FOR YOU GIRL! Even if you have a form like that you shall not buy me

Cherry Cordial: Dude’s gotta learn some romance manners.

Stephanie: But here’s the thing–I don’t know if he knows how to speak to her differently. He only knows a rough life and he thinks he’s offering the best he can

Now’s your chance Newsie!

Cherry Cordial: What we don’t see offscreen is their first meet cute was then.

Stephanie: She is such a cute character

Cherry Cordial: He’s torn between helping her and obeying his master.

Awww… homeless in the rain. So sad.


Stephanie: can’t you see? I’ll be a great worker I already have the outfit!

Is she going to bump into someone unsavory or a male fairy godmother? If we’re going with the fairy tale route they’ve had going on, then he’ll be good to her.

Cherry Cordial: See? One more person to fall for her innocent charms! Take that Bitchbob!


Stephanie: Her milkshake brings all the boys to the yard!

Cherry Cordial: rofl!

Wow, she’s still finding ways to be sympathetic to her sister.

And finished 7!

Stephanie: well this can’t be good

Cherry Cordial: Damn, I hate Minion #2.


Stephanie: I feel like Minion # 2 is for realz crazy

I hope homeless man from last night saves her

Cherry Cordial: Without Bitchbob, she’d be nothing. I kinda want to see her trying to make it on her own.

Stephanie: Okay there is no fudging way anything she is wearing is historically accurate

Umm…YOU threw away that relationship why does he owe you anything??

Oh noes. This is not good

Cherry Cordial: And why is she keeping Maid Friend from seeing B-lead? It’s not like he’s not gonna find out she was canned when he goes to the hotel.

A job as a “dancer” huh?58

Oh, crap, it’s Rapey McRaperson!

Stephanie: Rapey McRaperson!

Cherry Cordial: Of course she’ll get the job now.

Stephanie: Seriously! Are their only like 5 people in Shanghai???

And she’s taking the job? She’s stupid

Cherry Cordial: Why is she so happy to get a job from a man who kidnapped her?

Stephanie: Maybe it’s not him.

Cherry Cordial: Is it him? Crap, the moustache fooled me.


Stephanie: Oh she is way too stupid to live.

Cherry Cordial: It’s a total McRaperson ‘stache.

Stephanie: They do tend to be rampant in this story.

Have I done something wrong? Um yeah, you did his brother.

Cherry Cordial: hahahahaha

Stephanie: Is she really trying to get him back right now? She is so dumb.

Oh now she’s going to threaten suicide? Ugh. I hate her even more

Cherry Cordial: Ummm… him saving her doesn’t mean anything. Why wouldn’t he save his brother’s girl?


Stephanie: He is a TERRILBLE kisser. They deserve each other.

Cherry Cordial: Of course, underwater kissing is another story.

Oooh, time for your new “work” uniform. B-lead is totally falling for Bitchbob’s story right now, isn’t he?

Stephanie: I hope he loses respect for himself just a little it right now for falling in to her trap.

That’s what you get when you don’t read the fine print


Cherry Cordial: Wow, a 10 year slave contract? Is she gonna be a kpop star?

Stephanie: At least the other girl no longer hates her.

Cherry Cordial: Does her milkshake now bring all the girls to the yard, too?

Stephanie: hahaha

Cherry Cordial: Did the window not go outside? That’s odd.

Stephanie: You know because you want your bathroom window looking out on the hall.

like he cares if you die.


Cherry Cordial: Now I want dance-hostess to become part of their happy family. She’s awesome!

Stephanie: At least this will give time for liesure suit to find her.

Cherry Cordial: Omg, did they sleep together?

Stephanie: …

Cherry Cordial: Or did he just bring her back and tuck her into bed?

Stephanie: I’m gonna go with option #2


Cherry Cordial: Ack! He fell for Bitchbob’s wiles again!

Stephanie: Nah he’s not ballsy enough to take back his brothers girl.

Laugh. Just like kdrama–people always listening at doors.

Is she looking to get herself killed by playing around with Blead?

At least his brother knows he wouldn’t do anything with her.

I do have to say, I kinda want the feather lamp

Because I’ve been throwing myself at your brother because he dared look at another girl even though I already threw him away.


Cherry Cordial: I don’t like Bitchbob, but I feel sorry for her that she’s totally at the mercy of the men in her life.

Cherry Cordial: She doesn’t have any power of her own. And she knows it.

Stephanie: Yeah, but she could have chosen Blead in the first place.

Did he just fake throw it?

I am gooooood.

Now I hope he feels even more like an idiot.

Cherry Cordial: But she’s learned from her past that she has no power and he’s got no power either.

Stephanie: You only fake throw for a dog you fool.



Cherry Cordial: I don’t like her methods, but I understand why she’s doing it.

Stephanie: none of the women have power here in this show

Cherry Cordial: Yep

Stephanie: Greatest hits of hallucination.

Cherry Cordial: Awwww… dance-hostess is in trouble now. That’s it, she’s gotta take dance-hostess with her when she leaves now.


Stephanie: And where is Leisure suit in all this? Isn’t he looking for her yet? Or is he magically going to appear?

Cherry Cordial: Oh! Can she magically play piano? Saved by her privileged upbringing!

Stephanie: and the perfect fix. How handy.

Oh she knows acupuncture too.

I like that he found her after she found a place for herself

Cherry Cordial: Me too!

Stephanie: and now if he tries to take her away she is not gonna be happy.

Oh noes. Another man another potential rapist.

Oh, Cruel Romance


Cherry Cordial: *sigh* aren’t they all in this drama?

Stephanie: I want all the girls to rise up against him

Cherry Cordial: Me too

Awww… finally, another rescue!

Stephanie: Has it only been a matter of days?

The hotel, being abandoned, the dance hall, getting respect and now this? She works fast.

We have huggage!

I love the closed eyed hug.68

Cherry Cordial: Sweet, sweet huggage.

Awww… she’s learned not to argue with him in public. She’s grown a level! I think we need a Chanyeol badge for her.

What do you mean what can happen to you?

Stephanie: Awww, he saved her! And yet still let her kind of save herself. They both win

Cherry Cordial: Ummm… rape, prostitution…

Stephanie: Finally an overheard conversation that works in her favor. So many feels.

Cherry Cordial: Awww… he’s learning to respect her.

Stephanie: He’s starting to actually love her.

Or at least learn what that means.

Cherry Cordial: Yeah, not just instalove.

Stephanie: and now they are even except she doesn’t understand,

Ohh Liesure Suit, you’re gonna start that be my woman stuff again?69

Have you not learned anything??

The fact she won’t embarrass her family honor by sleeping with him she officially makes up for 1/3 of her stupidness.

Cherry Cordial: Yep

Stephanie: She thinks of Leisure Suit as a friend? Silly girl.

Cherry Cordial: A very hot friend.

Stephanie: An employment agency? What makes me think this is going to end badly again?

Leisure suit is lurking….awww he’s being trixie70

Cherry Cordial: hahahahaha

Stephanie: he is too cute

Cherry Cordial: fake-hiring her for a more respectable job?

Stephanie: she is NOT going to be pleased when she learns the truth.71

Cherry Cordial: But it’s so cute in the meantime.

Stephanie: But that’s okay, I’m officially Team Leisure Suit!

Cherry Cordial: Me too! He will become worthy of her love!

Stephanie: We finished the episodes and I was bummed that now I have to wait until next week to see the rest

Amber Kmuse: It is super addictive

Molly In Kdramaland: So, I checked messages just now and was told I have “345 unread messages” in this one conversation. Good Lord, ladies! What have you all been talking about?! And I think I shall never catch up!

Amber Kmuse: Hahaha you missed another Cruel Romance marathon

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