Wow! Fantastic Baby! BigBang Is Coming!

Posted by Stephanie on May 26, 2015


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Are you a BigBang fan? Have you forgiven them their long absence? Then great news guys!


And not in the way that Super Junior announced they were coming to the states and then never got around to confirming a date. Nope, BigBang, despite their own love of the long tease, has announced a US tour and dates. Here is the information: 

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I love the fact that they came out of the box with two dates in NY–they learned from their last tour where they had one date here and then had to hurriedly add another when it sold out in seconds. I wonder though, couldn’t they have juts gone to a bigger venue like, I don’t know, Madison Square Garden? (For some reason I really want a Kpop band to go there. )

Luckily their new songs, Bae Bae and Loser have grown on me, and word is that their 6-1 release is going to be a nice fast one reminiscent of Fantastic Baby. But even if the songs didn’t grow on me? I’d still attempt to be first in line for their concert. These guys not only put on a good show, but they are just magnetic. Especially GDragon. During their last concert I was so fangirly-spastic, I hardly remember a thing. Not to mention I had a terrible camera which got me 0 good pictures. This time, I’m going, I’m documenting, I’m remembering, and I’m finally going to be able to use their light stick for something besides a Christmas tree topper.

I do like that they are giving us plenty of notice for the concert, and I’m crossing my fingers that the tickets will not go on sale for a while. With KCon coming up, fun funds are tight and I’m sure I’m not the only one. It would be rough if people decide to do one or the other–and would make for some cranky fans.

But cranky is for another day. Today? Let’s just celebrate. BigBang is coming!


  • Reply LizC May 26, 2015 at 12:50 pm

    I live in a city where they will definitely NOT come, so I’m going to have to buy a plane ticket. (Even if they added Dallas or Chicago.) I’m contemplating picking NY or LA based on which other fans I’m most likely to meet up with..

    I do appreciate that both KCon and the BB concerts have been announced far enough in advance that there’s time to look for cheaper flights.

  • Reply jadefaerie May 26, 2015 at 6:57 pm

    omg I hope that is not comic-con

  • Reply jadefaerie May 26, 2015 at 6:59 pm

    It is that means Sunday or Saturday Tickets..

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