KCon is coming! KCon is coming!

Posted by Stephanie on May 6, 2015



And it’s closer than you think.

Korean entertainment is gaining a much bigger foothold here in the US. How do we know this? Well, for one, there are the increase in Korean bands coming to play on our American shores, some of these, like BTS and Epik High, selling out in about two blinks, and now, on top of that, we have big news on the KCon front.

When KCon first started just a few years ago, it was one weekend capped by a single show. Last year, they not only added a second night of music, but, at an attendance rate of 43,000, they doubled the number of just the previous year. This year? Kcon has apparently decided it’s time to go big or go home. (Or in my case, go big or stay home.)IMG_20140810_122102

Not only have they decided to add another day of the Con (bringing it to three) but the astounding news? They are bringing KCon to the East Coast. New York, to be exact. (Well, if you want to be truly exact, it’s at the Prudential Center which is technically New Jersey.)

Holy Smokes Guys.

SNSD kcon

Now the New York KCon will be just the one day capped by one night of music, but you’ve got to start somewhere, right?

For those of you in the area (or able to get to the area), I really recommend you give it a try—no matter your age. There is nothing quite like the feeling of being around a mass of people who like the same music you do—who are obsessed with the same television shows you are—who, when you say, “my goal in life is to make out with Junsu,” not only know who you are talking about but are then willing to fight to the death to keep your mitts off their bias.

This is our time to shine.

Plus, there is the added bonus of all the Korean music, businesses (promotional booths, people selling Korean-y wears, and all the kpop schwag you could dream of), and Korean food stalls, which pepper the grounds. (Here’s a tip: if a smiling ahjumma wants to spoon dukkboki sauce onto the grilled squid stick you’re trying, like she’s doing you some sort of favor—for the love of mike let her do it! In this case 1) she knows better than you and 2) you wouldn’t want be rude to the very nice Korean ahjumma.)

Last year I was lucky enough to be able to go to LA Con and had the most amazing time.

cnblue kcon

Not only did it allow me to meet and hang out with Cherry Cordial for the first time (in real life), I got to speak on a couple of different panels, and this will be something I remember for the rest of my life.

And of course, with my brand new camera, I was able to get some amazeballs pictures that astound me to this day.

Like GDragon:


Or Spica:SPICA KCON IMG_0580


I hope I’m lucky enough to do both this year. I hope the music is as good as it was last year. I hope I’m able to see lots of you there.



  • Reply lynette31 May 6, 2015 at 11:32 am

    One day I will have enough money to go to KCon. At least NY is on the same coast as me so if not this year maybe next. Of course with my luck it will be a one time thing.

    • Reply Stephanie May 6, 2015 at 8:46 pm

      Isn’t real life a bitch sometimes? I had emergency dental stuff go on last month which put my whole trip in jeopardy. Don’t they know I have Kpop bands to see? Dukbokki drenched grilled squid to eat?

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