Fun Friday! Kdrama Crossword Puzzle Vol. 2

Posted by Stephanie on February 20, 2015

Fun Friday

I did this once before, and , for some strange reason, I like making crossword puzzles more than I like doing them–probably because I haven’t come across any sweet-ass Kdrama crosswords puzzles. I hope you like it! I’ll post the answers tomorrow.

crossword puzzle vol 2 take 3

4. Junpyo’s favorite street food
6. Cross dressing drama
8. Popular side dish
9. Name the movie where Kim Go Eun stars as girl taking revenge for her sister’s death.
13. Kim Soo Hyun film
14. Enrique dressed as this
15. Popular drama trope
16. Flower Boy series
18. He’s the man from nowhere
21. Creepy facial hair guy
22. The sound of his and her heartbeats
26. 48 across’s character was afflicted with this in It’s Okay That’s Love
29. Daddy
31. If you give someone an apple you may be saying this
33. Georgia-born musician.
34. Ratings grabbing cable network
35. Dumpling
36. Starred in 6 Across
37. She hit her hero with a volleyball
39. 46 Down played a man on the run in this drama
44. 21 across starred in this drama
45. Popular drama trope
47. Korean actor starred as a hitman in the sequel to this American movie
48. Giraffe!
50. Actor who was revealed to be a shopaholic on 25 Down
52. Drama with a sequel, a spin off and a movie.
53. Song Joon Ki starred in this movie
54. Kim Soo Eun drama

1. Junsu guest starred in this drama
2. Played the serial killer in 9 across
3. Running Man Nickname for Song Ji Hyo
5. Term for a type of heroine
7. Original star of Me Too Flower
10. Played Vic in ____
11. Cyber Crime Drama
12. Popular vacation spot
17. Idol turned actor from B1A4
19. 2014 blockbuster starring 21 across
20. Korean Spa
23. 2013 song from 10 Down “____ Dada”
24. Drama where spirit of heroine’s dead father inhabits the body of the hero
25. Variety show starring Eunhyuk and Yoon Shi Yoon
28. Popular kdrama blog
30. Lee Min Ho Drama
32. Korean Alcohol
38. Posh Korean area
40. Icy dessert
41. Drama genre
42. Sports medicine drama
43. Drama streaming site
46. Star of 39 across
49. Kpop/kdrama annual gathering
51. Cable network

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