Netflix: Trials and Tribulations

Posted by Stephanie on February 2, 2015


netflixAs a Kdrama fan, I have a love-hate relationship with Netflix. Out of all of the online services I feel like we can all agree that they have the best player. Their website always works smoothly, subs stay exactly where they need to be and are easy to read, and their device platforms work just as well. Yay! Netflix, right?

Also on the good side is that they have a collection of Korean dramas. Not only have a collection of Korean dramas, but recognize the genre’s up and coming popularity and have given it it’s own sorting tab. Come on! Isn’t that sound proof that the secret is out on Kdramas and that we are well on our way to building this hallyu wave bigger and bigger? We can point it out to our friends–look, Kdrama isn’t so weird, it’s right there on Netflix!

All of these are good things, however, there is the inevitable downside. The selection. Since Kdrama’s first arrival on Netflix I’ve witnessed their selection get stale and then slowly, ever so slowly, start to dwindle.


What does that mean for us? Maybe it’s not catching on as we once thought? Maybe they gave it a try and no one watched so they decided to give up on it? Luckily, (or again for Netflix, unluckily) I’ve noticed that Netflix’s overall selection, not just of the K-variety has gone downhill, so I choose to believe it’s not saying it’s Kdrama’s fault, but Netflix. (Come on Netflix, get your act together!)

On a whim though the other day, I gave it a look see and surprise! There was new stuff! Not only new to Netflix, but we’re talking 2014 dramas!kdrama netflix

Here is the list of new (to their collection) dramas:
Fated To Love You
Doctor Stranger
Kpop Extreme Survival
Cunning Single Lady
It’s Okay That’s Love
Good Doctor
God’s Gift 14 Days
A Warm Word
Coffee Prince

Woot! I am super excited! For a couple of reasons. This means I’ll probably finally watch Good Doctor, which I’ve been on the fence with for a long time and it will give me an excuse to watch Coffee Prince again.

The other reason? This also makes it easier for my non-kdrama watching friends to try out the shows I’ve been recommending to them! A conversation between me and Jami:

Stephanie: YAY!! Hey! Actually, its just exciting to me so never mind
Jami: uhhhh… tease
Stephanie: heh heh. It’s Okay That’s Love is now on Netflix
Jami: yay!
Jami: we’ll put it on the queue.
Stephanie: It’s my favorite drama from last year. They also have Coffee Prince which is a super classic. I’m not sure how you’d like it though. Although it s amazeballs–it’s just very Korean. Go with It’s Okay That’s Love and go from there. I’ll expect a fulll report…2 pages. Double spaced.
Jami: It’s very Korean–you crack me up
Stephanie: If I were there this week as originally planned, I’d make you watch it with me
Jami: added
Stephanie: Don’t pay any attention to their description–it makes the drama sound stupid. The drama is not stupid. It made me laugh, and cry, and laugh. Oh–and it’s the one with Giraffe!

So, I am of course, very excited, way to go Netflix, way to reel me back in. Of course, there is one more downside. With this new collection of dramas, they took off a butt-load of the other ones that were around. We win some we lose some? I’m just happy to see that it’s not dead. It’s the little things.

Now go on you with Netflix accounts, go out and add these dramas to your queues. Rate them up. Put out the power of the Kfan and prove to them just how popular Kdramas are–it can only help us in the long run.

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