Signs You’re Becoming Obsessed with Kdrama Part V

Posted by Stephanie on December 6, 2014


Onto the continuing saga of signs you may have a problem….

41) You don’t count time in hours, but how many episodes you could watch.


42) You celebrate anytime anything Korean Entertainment related hits the Facebook trending wall.

One of these things

43) This is what your refrigerator looks like.


44) You take major exception to People’s Sexiest Man Alive. Chris Hemsworth? Who is that?


45) Watching the yearly awards shows? You have no idea who any of those people are.

46) You actually get on a plane in order to go to a Kpop concert.

airplane to b1a4

47) You now settle arguments with Kai Bai Bo.

Kai bai bo

48) Out of forks? No problem, you got this!


49) Time? No. Entertainment Weekly? Nope. You subscribe to Koream the Korean American magazine.
Squee! My new copy of KoreAm arrived with Tiger JK on the cover. Great present to blah day.
A photo posted by Stephanie (@crazyforkdrama) on Feb 2, 2014 at 8:02am PST
50) Your secret fantasy is to wake up knowing how to speak Korean

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