Musical Monday: The GD X Taeyang Edition

Posted by Stephanie on November 24, 2014


good boy

You guys go right ahead–check out the song–enjoy it even. Me? I am boycotting the song. I refuse to listen on principal. Why? I am very upset with the members of BigBang, any of their sub-groups, and in particular, their leader GD.


I believed we were promised a BigBang CD by the end of the year. Hey guess what? We’re at the end of the year and I’ve got no new CD in my hands. Come on. Even Epik High denied us with new music. What BigBang–are you too good to get together to make some of that sweet, sweet dance party music?

On top of that?

GD & Taeyang? I know you guys are all buddy-buddy, but if there is going to be any sub unit release in BigBang, shouldn’t it have been GD and T.O.P? What? Do you hate us fans? Do we and our fandom bore you? Do you think you can slap out any ol’ pairing and we’ll be all girl-drooling? What’s next? Seungri and DaeSeung?

Harumph. We have standards here.

So all of you out there, go forth, listen, have fun. But me? I shall sit here and sulk–and you’re welcome to join me if you’d like.

GD X Taeyang, Good Boy

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