Great News, Potential Pinocchio Watchers!

Posted by Stephanie on November 6, 2014


Pinocchio (1)Well, great news for those of you who are rabid Lee Jong Suk fans, or anyone looking forward to the upcoming drama Pinocchio–so basically I’m talking to my friend Thea.

Hip-hip-hooray! The hair of sadness doesn’t stay! (Ahem…sorry, I couldn’t resist.)Pinocchio 2

As previously reported, the look the production decided to go with for Lee Jong Suk’s character was shaggy dog, with an unfortunate wig. We wondered if that was going to stick around for the entire drama, which, I think we can all agree, would be distracting at the least. Pinocchio Pinocchio

However, as we get closer to the premier date, more pictures come out, and we are reassured that the haircut is just for the episodes which take place in the past. Wa-hoo! Sidenote: I’d love to find out out of how many dramas out there, how many of them start off with prologues–episodes which take place in the past. I’m going to go with–too many.

The more I read about the plot the more I get confused and wonder who the heck is writing this mess? A monkey with a crayon?

However, Thea (the aforementioned Jong Suk fan) kindly invited me to her apartment for Thanksgiving where we will eat Vietnamese food and watch Kdrama. (You know, a real traditional American Thanksgiving.) There is a catch though. The kdrama in question is Pinocchio.

As I’ve been dying to see the inside of Thea’s bedazzled crafters paradise apartment–it looks like there is a good chance I will be checking out the first few episodes of the drama–no matter what the premise is. Hmm… well played Thea, well played.

I’m not sure if I’ll buy Park Shin Hye as a reporter in the adult version of the drama–but at least she’s doing a drama where she plays an adult–at least for half the drama.

I’m just crossing my fingers, not so much that it’s good, as that would be a nice bonus, but that the drama finishes by the end of the year so I can include it in the list of dramas I’ve seen for the year. Unfortunately, as it is these two hot-hot-hot stars, it’s probably going to hit the new favorite drama length–20 episodes. Harumph.

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