Musical Monday: The Callia Edition

Posted by Stephanie on November 3, 2014



Let’s venture back into Kindie for a moment. I feel like it’s been a while since we’ve ventured from the land of mainstream kpop and into the lesser known and yet still sometimes exceptional land of other Korean music.

I like this song, it’s pretty and simple with no electronic trickery seen in the mainstream scene. It’s a lady with a pretty voice and a guitar. And probably a microphone. But there I’m just guessing.

It’s not just the song that captures my attention, it’s the video, or a at least the sketchbook she flips through which has some of the lyrics written on them. Doesn’t seem like a big thing right? Well, here’ s the thing, she’s singing slowly enough that sometimes I’m actually able to read along as she sings. See? Instant studying for my Korean class! I try it with some of the other songs I listen to (my phone shows the lyrics) but they just sing so darn fast, I can’t keep up! So I’m very excited.

Anyway, I hope you like the song! I’m going to check out and see if she’s on iTunes. Unfortunately, with Kindie–this hardly ever happens–but I guess we should just be grateful iTunes is carrying Kpop at all. Right?

Hrm. Sometimes fandom would just be easier if I lived in Korea.

Callia, Goodbye

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