Musical Monday: The ZE:A Edition

Posted by Stephanie on September 22, 2014



Have you guys been keeping up with the craziness that has been happening with Z:EA and their management company? Or more specifically the twitter storm of the leader of Z:EA against the president of the company? As I was reading the tweets, I was thinking either this is awful or this guy is crazy. However, with the last information coming out that the president handed the company over to Z:EA, maybe he is not so crazy. And if this does all turn out to be true, that makes the situation all the more horrible–as what could this guy have had on the president to make him turn over the company? What, in their time with the company, could have been inflicted on the group? It is a dark shadow over the world of Kpop.

(As I don’t have all the details and the details I do have are unsubstantiated, I’ll link to other sources.)

In all of it though, I realized, I’ve never, ever, listened to a Z:EA song and it made me curious. So I spent the morning listening to them and I can officially say, they are not my cup of tea. Any of the songs I’ve heard. Oh wells. On the other side, while Cherry and I were talking last night about it, she told me that I do know one of the members, as he played the younger version of the hero in Nine. And he was pretty good in that!

Good luck ZE:A with whatever you are doing, I hope it all works out for you!

ZE:A, Here I Am

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