Musical Monday: The Jun Bum Sun & The Yabans Edition

Posted by Stephanie on August 25, 2014


jun bun sun

We’re back with Musical Monday! And let me tell you, I have an amazing one for you. After weeks of non-stop Kpop posted here on the site, we’re going back to a little Kindie. I now subscribe to the music channel (I think they may be a lable) Mirrorball Music, and right before leaving for Kcon, this popped up in my feed, and, on a whim, I clicked on the link.

And was blown away.

I FREAKING LOVE THIS SONG! Like love-love this song. It’s one of those songs that, from the very first bars, I knew in my heart of hearts that it was something special. I enjoy the beat of the song, and the stripped-down style of it, but mostly? I am completely addicted to the sound of the lead singers voice, which has this husky, slightly rough quality to it, which just tugs at you.
Have I mentioned I love this song?
I am absolutely going to go and find out who this is, listen to everything they do, and if available here in the states, buy it all. I hope you guys like it at least half as much as I do!
Jun Bun Sun & The Yangbans

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