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This is it! The time is neigh. KCON or bust. As you read this I will officially be on a plane flying from one end of the country to another–with a quick stop in Chicago to pick up my traveling companion Kate–then it’s LA bound, where, in a few hours, Cherry Cordial and the Mystical Being of Unicorns will hopefully be at the airport, ready to pick us up. I can’t believe I’m going to be meeting Cherry Cordial for the first time!
I can’t believe I have a best friend I’ve never actually met before.  Oh intenetz, oh Kdrama, how you have changed me.

Anyway, KCON will be Saturday and Sunday where I also hope to be meeting some of you! If you see me come say hi and I’ll give you one of my super cool new buttons…

Then I will be taking a blessed week off, investigating all that LA has to offer, eating all the Korean food, and generally having a laugh filled good time. I’ll update when possible, but expect lots of fun posts filling you all in when I get back.

And don’t worry, a special Khottie is already penned and ready to go for tomorrow.

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