Who’s Still Hungry?

Posted by Stephanie on June 10, 2014


lets eat

tvN announced that they are in the beginning stages of planning a second season of Let’s Eat. Now,Let’s Eat is a drama I actually watched from this year–on Cherry Cordial’s incessant urging–and she was right. The character drama wtih no real baddie was totally in my wheelhouse. I especially loved the everyman hero, as we don’t get that enough in Kdrama.

Seriously. Does every hero have to be rich and/or wealthy to be leading man material? 

While I didn’t love where the story ended–I wanted more cuteness with our leads once they became a couple–but is that enough to fill a whole second season? Everyone’s stories were left in a pretty good place. *SPOILERS* Our couple has coupled, complete with the seal of approval of the mother and best friend (best scene ev-ar) our B-lead guy was moving on, ready to try with another girl. the B-lead girl had come to terms with her father’s guilt and found a way to become independent and accepted our main couple. Oh, and she also made friends with the cute guy who tried to kill her. *END SPOILERS.*

As much as I would like to see these characters again, be a part of their wold, I’m not sure there there is story left to explore. And there is always the possibility that they would take our characters, our cuteness and ruin them. (Which is what I hate about multiple seasons of US TV.)

Of course, they could bring in a whole new cast–like they do with the I Need Romance franchise–but I’m not sure if it works with this premise. Part of the charm of this story is these people alone and adrift creating their own makeshift family through their love of food. Would we care as much for a different group of characters?

And can my diet survive another bout of food porn riddled Kdrama?

I guess we’ll just have to wait for more information before we make a final decision on this one.

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