Breaking News: Lee Seung Gi Injured on Set

Posted by Stephanie on June 10, 2014


you're all surroundedOh noes! Word is coming out that Lee Seung Gi was injured on the set of You’re All Surrounded. Apparently he was stabbed in the eye with a fake knife. Waaah! The damage was serious enough to send him to the hospital and there he was diagnosed with corneal damage and bleeding in the eye.

*Shudder* Eye injuries are so squidgy. 

He is being ordered to rest in order to stop any further damage to the eye and, because You’re All Surrounded is already in live shoots, Wednesday’s episode 10 is being pushed to Thursday. Which, since they did take a break for the elections last week, will put us right back on schedule.

I hope Lee Seung Gi takes all the time he needs to recover. I’m sure he’s feeling a lot of pressure to go right back to work but he–and the people around him–need to take his health and future into consideration. His face is way too pretty to damage. I mean seriously. Look at that picture.

Heal fast Seung Gi! Don’t stress–we’ll be here when you get back–we’ll spend our time wondering what happens in the plot to have Dae Gu threatened with a knife.  Is it just a random case? Or is it the killer? Did the bad guy send him to kill Dae Gu? Can’t wait to find out!

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