Soundtrack Sunday: Answer Me 1997

Posted by Stephanie on May 4, 2014


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When I say it’s been forever since I’ve done a Soundtrack Sunday, I’m not lying–it really has been as the last drama review I snuck in, Pride, didn’t have an OST. Or maybe it did. It was Japanese, so I didn’t really check. But I’m finally getting this review for Answer Me 1997 out, so Soundtrack Sunday is back!

There was a lot of music in Answer Me 1997--there had to be considering the whole thing is based on nostalgia for the year, and a big trigger for the past is music. Now the show, because it featured so many songs of the time, didn’t have it’s own OST, however later the director did release an soundtrack with a few songs done by the leads and, of course, a few of the classics.

Here’s a song done by the two leads, Seo In Guk and Jung Eun Ji done for the drama itself, All For Love.

Next up we have a song done by one of the stars Seo In Guk. The song reminds me of him and when he went through–making me sad. But it’s pretty and now I think I need to go out and listen to his other music.
Seo In Guk, Broken

And of course I had to add in one of the Sechs Kies songs. I wanted to choose one that had a video with Eun Ji Won actually singing and dancing, but in the end I chose a fan made video as it showed clips from the second love story. And that couple was just so freaking cute.

Sechs Kies, To You Whom I love

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