Musical Monday: The Black Skirts Edition

Posted by Stephanie on April 21, 2014


black skirts

The last couple of weeks I’ve suddenly been listening to a lot of The Black Skirts. Have you ever done that? Not listen to something in a really long time and then one day remember, “Oh yeah, I really like them” and then play it constantly? I do it all the time and right not it’s The Black Skirts chance.

If you’re not familiar with the band, don’t feel bad, they are one of those not in the spotlight indie bands–one of the treasures you have to go searching for. I own 2 of their CD’s and both have a pretty different sound. This song comes from my favorite of the two CD’s which is a little more mellow. (Which for me to prefer the mellower music? A little weird.)

Since it is an indie band, they don’t have many music videos, so this one is just a fan made one with the lyrics–which you’ll see–is mostly in English!

The Black Skirts, Love Shine

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