Seo In Guk is Coming Back To TV!

Posted by Stephanie on April 14, 2014

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high school king
He’s also going back to TvN and he’s also going back to high school. Don’t get me wrong, I do really like Seo In Guk, but I’m not seeing that he’s showing a lot of range in his acting. However, I liked him in Answer Me 1997 and I liked him in the movie, No Breathing, so I’m willing to give him a second, third, and possibly fourth chance.

The drama currently called High School King (but this is Kdrama, so I’m sure we’ll have a second and third name added before it hits the tv) is a romantic comedy where Seo In Guk will, of course play the high school king–in this case a member of a hockey team.

Is hockey a thing in Korea? I remember watching the Jdrama Pride where they said it’s not really big in Japan. I don’t think I’ve watched a single other drama that has featured it or even mentioned it. Hmm… learning something new!

High School King will be a romantic comedy, which I also want to say of course–it’s Kdrama–but then looking back, TvN actually has a few dramas under it’s belt that are not romantically inclined. Since I like romantic comedies, I’m okay with the plan. But then again, I’m not a big fan of high school romance dramas, so that makes me less inclined to watch. But then again–it is TvN and I am a sucker for those cable shows.

I guess we’ll just have to wait and see for more information to come out. High School King is currently scheduled to hit the screen after Witches Romance, which I’m not sure has even started yet, so we’ve got plenty of time to make our decisions.

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