Musical Monday: The BTS Edition

Posted by Stephanie on April 14, 2014



I continue to be impressed with BTS. They’ve had several releases so far and while their songs are different, they don’t seem to have the need to redefine themselves and change their sound from album to album. They have an aggressive sound and they are okay with that.

To which I say, yay!

In all honestly, I was going to do have their other song Just One Day as an example of a slow song of theirs that I don’t hate, but it’s Monday, and it’s going to be a killer Monday, so I need something to bolster my reserve.

Sidenote, have you noticed the music company has changed it’s name from LOEN MUSIC to 1thek? I wonder why? And I wonder why they felt the need to name it something so dumb.


BTS, Boy In Luv

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