Musical Monday: The Nell Edition

Posted by Stephanie on March 17, 2014

Nell 4Nell has done it again. But did I ever doubt them? Um. Yeah, that would be a no. I love so many of their songs and their videos that my loving this would pretty much be a slam dunk. However, I didn’t realize how amazing this would be.

The song itself, is very pretty. So lovely, and I’m happy that it isn’t suffering from the same sickness some of their other songs have suffered from since joining Woollim Entertainment. Autotune-itice. The lead singer’s (I really need to learn the names of all the members of the band—it’s the least I can do for them) voice is so strong, it doesn’t need the electronic trickery and synthesizing—so whenever I do hear it, it actually makes me angry. Why mess with a good thing?

Again, this song is so pretty, however, I am kind of wishing it could have swelled a bit more? Built up to a crescendo? (I’m no musical person, so I don’t know the right terminology, but in the chorus I thought it could have built up to something.) But again, I am in no way saying that this is a bad song. I still want to make out with this song as I do all their others.

Nell 9
What got me the most in this choice, is how beautiful and amazing the music video is. It was so enchanted and lovely, I’m going to admit, one—I want to screenshot every moment of it and two—it totally made me cry. YES. I’m that sort of person.


The imagery and slightly muted shots in this is so beautiful and completely fit the song itself—giving everything a wistful feel to it. I know this is sad, but it’s making sad so pretty. Nell puts out some of the best music videos out there. Does everyone remember the one with Lee Min Ki? I STILL sob my eyes out watching that video. Again, no judging! That one I cry because it’s so incredibly sad, and this one makes me teary because it’s so beautiful and wistful. Yep. Wistful, that is absolutely the theme of this video.nell

I love this band so much, I need them to come to New York. Please Nell, please. Please come here and play. I’d be willing to pay the same amount I paid for my VVIP BigBang ticket, just to get in the door. You’ve been here before. You were just here in the US. Your label mates came here. I luf, luff, lufff you. Please, I need to see you perform live.

If you’re interested I’ve added the lyrics at the bottom of the video. Which are also beautiful and help in understanding the video.

Nell, “Four Times Around The Sun”

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