Kwang Soo and the Mysterious Kdrama

Posted by Stephanie on March 9, 2014

Casting News

It's okay thats loveLAUGH! When I first found out Kwang Soo is possibly signing onto a new drama, I was all, well isn’t that nice… I really like Kwang Soo, he’s definitely my favorite Running Man. I just think he is so funny.

After some investigating I learned the drama is It’s Okay, It’s Love. Something struck me. I’ve heard that name before. But where? I hear drama rumors all the time–and that title well– it’s not the most distinctive thing out there.

Kwang Soo’s (possibly) playing Park Soo Kwang, who is a character who has Tourette’s syndrome. Doesn’t it sound like this character was actually built for Kwang Soo? 

Anyway, that was all interesting, however, it didn’t really clear up why this drama sounded familiar to me. It wasn’t until the article said it was the first drama based in a mental clinic, that it hit me.

This is the drama that Gong Hyo Jin is considering!!

Dude. Consider me keeping my fingers crossed that all these ‘possible’ castings actually fall into place. Kwang soo and Gong Hyo Jin working together? I. Need. To. See. This. Show.

Although I am a little worried though. This casting of Gong Hyo Jin and Jo In Sung as the leads have been up in the air for a while now. Shouldn’t something be hammered down soon? They’ve offially signed on supporting cast (Song Dong Il who was the dad in the Answer Me dramas and has signed on to play Gong Hyo Jin’s first love–which is…umm…ew and the obligitory idol role has been given to D.O from EXO). If you’re getting your lesser cast down–shouldn’t you have your leads signed by this point?

I will continue to keep my eye on this and will report back–but for now? I remain very excited.

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