SURPRISE! B.A.Ps Set To Invade Next Month

Posted by Stephanie on March 8, 2014



Warriors Back! And by warrior, I mean B.A.P! I was pretty freaking surprised when I opened my email to find a notice that B.A.P is ‘attacking’ the US. Not only that, but this surprise attack (others may call it a tour) is happening next month. Now I’m pretty new to the whole concert thing, but don’t you think they should give us more than a months notice? When BigBang was coming we knew for months and months (and months and months and months) that they were coming before the tickets were actually put on sale.

With these other bands though? It’s like BAM, here they are and BAM, better buy tickets tomorrow because you know they are going to sell out in 5 seconds. Which I totally fell for with CNBlue and ended up with a crap ticket only to learn they were still selling tickets the day of the concert.


Back to the point. B.A.P is coming almost to a town near you! They’re hitting 4 different locations on this trip, branching out from the usual NY and LA. B.A.P Invades

My first thought is that I’m very excited to hear this news! I really want to go! I love seeing Kpop bands! I love B.A.P.

But then it hit me–do I really love B.A.P? I did. I really did–when they first came out. Their first couple of releases were right up my alley and just caught me up in the fervor–then–their other releases came out. And yes, I know a band needs to evolve in my brain, but my heart says “Y U have to change B.A.P?”

When I first moved to NY, it was my policy to go to each and every Korean anything that came my way, but the longer I stay here, the longer I realize, if I miss this one, another one will come. It’s just one of those benefits to living adjacent to one of the biggest cities in the country.

So now I can afford to be a little choosy. And unfortunately, I find the budget squeaking if I try to fit in every thing. After the debacle of my terrible seat for CNBlue, I kind of promised myself I’d rather save up for a really good seat than just get anything that comes my way.

And as the tickets for the Kpop bands do generally sell out very fast (sorry CNBlue) it’s not like they need me there to fill a seat.

I don’t know. The date for tickets to go on sale have yet to be released, so maybe by then I’ll change my mind. Then again, if the rumors of Block B coming in June are true, maybe I’ll save my money for that.

I don’t knowwww! *whine*

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