Age of Feeling Hinky

Posted by Stephanie on February 18, 2014

age of feelingAnyone know what the heck is going on with Age of Feeling? Not that I was watching it, but the buzz it was getting, I was pretty close. People are saying really positive things about the drama, Kim Hyun Joong’s improved acting skills, and from what I hear—what’s her face is not as irritating as she was in Bridal Mask.
Not to say I’ve warmed to the idea of her being the lead.

It’s even getting some pretty solid ratings. Of course it’s against You From Another Star absorbing most of the viewers, it can’t get great ratings, but what show could? So it was totally headed to the TBWList. But after last weeks release of weirdo news? Well let’s just say, I’m incredibly wary.
I have to ask what is going on in the background for them to unceremoniously replace writers halfway through its run? It’s not like this can be a great for the show. Can you name one successful show which has changed writers mid-stream? Can you name one train wreck of a show which was fixed by changing writers?
Example one: Lie To Me.
Example two: Mary Got Married.
I believe I’ve proven my point.
Then on the heels of that revelation one of its stars Kim Jae Wook has announced he’s leaving as well. Reasons for that are very murky but it’s believed he’s following the writer. Now I don’t know how major his role is, but without notice how is this going to work? It certainly didn’t work in Faith.
Sidenote? What is going on with Kim Jae Wook’s career. He comes out of the army and his first role is a B-lead who doesn’t speak at all and then there’s this where again, he’s not a lead and then he leaves? All I’m left with is “huh?” He’s better than this and I hope he comes back soon.
Whenever we hear of backstage shenanigans like this? Always makes me think of King of Dramas. You know there has to be some crazy stuff going on! I wonder if they have an Anthony back there putting things back together. Something tells me the way it’s falling apart—probably not.
As I still want the very best for Kim Hyun Joong, I hope this all works out. And if there is a bright side, it is officially out there that his acting has improved and even if this show doesn’t work out there is now something—besides him— to blame it on. Take it as a win Kim Hyung Joong!

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