Musical Monday: The Yong Junhyung Edition

Posted by Stephanie on February 17, 2014

flower2This will totally count as a girl song—you know—as he’s singing about a girl. Maybe. I’m pretty sure the flower in which he speaks is a girl. And I’m also thinking this girl is also very much dead.


I mean, he’s being dragged along in a big casket right? My guess is he’s either grieving for the lost girl—or being hazed. Of course it doesn’t really explain why they are dancing in a sand pit. I’m sure there’s some construction term for sand pit but I’m a layman, and there’s sand and backhoes. Which are being danced on or around.

Now watching the video again? Maybe she’s not dead. The relationship could be dead? And he’s feeling dead? Eh, I guess it doesn’t matter.

I should probably say—it’s a nice song too! A solo release from one of the guys from BEAST.

Yong Junhyung, Flower

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