A Transatlantic Marathon

Posted by Stephanie on January 7, 2014


kdramaflightWhat a weekend! Upside of having some guest posters last week (thanks ladies!!) I found myself with some unexpected time on my hands. And what should I fill that time with? Usually that answer would be blogging, but my new years resolution is “watch more Kdrama”.

On new years day, as I had the day off work, I decided to marathon Answer Me 1994. Why not? I’d carefully avoided any sort of spoilers, and I mean any, but wasn’t sure how much longer my luck would hold out. The 1997 was cute and short so I figured I should get in and out of ‘94 pretty easily. During my marathon, I was probably about 8 hours in, the sun was going down and I realized, I was only on episode 5. How long was this freaking show?

Answer: Pretty freaking long.

I fully enjoyed every moment of it. However, this meant there was no easy in and out. Thursday went by, and I got in a few more episodes after work. Friday went by, as I was watching yet more episodes, I happened to chat with Crazy For Kdrama’s good friend Cherry Cordial. Heh. Happened. I say that we don’t have an almost constant stream of chatter going on. (I’ve made some of the best friends through this blog!) She happened to mention she was about the same episode as I was, and maybe we should watch together. You know if I didn’t mind.

You didn’t have to ask me twice!answer-me-1994

So there I was on the east coast snuggled with the cat, and there she was on the west coast snuggled with the dogs and we watched, squeeed over kdrama, Trash Oppa, and the whole 1994 crew. Three hours later, show still wasn’t done.
Seriously–’94 was like 52 hours long. No, I haven’t officially clocked it, but 52 hours seems pretty accurate.
Refusing to give up, we set a time for the next day, 11AM my time, 8AM hers. We met, we watched we laughed. Best day! (What a GREAT show!) At the end, not quite ready to give up, we heads or tailed between the two dramas we’d promised to check out after the holiday. Miss Korea, or You From Another Star. Alien is getting huge ratings and great buzz/feedback. Miss Korea, we knew in our hearts of hearts we were going to love it because it came from the same team of Pasta. Which we both love.
mis korea
So Miss Korea won. Won is probably not the best term. We kept trying episodes as we were still determined to reignite the Pasta spark. “I like it…but…”, “In Pasta they did this better…”, “In Pasta they did that better…”.  Unfortunately, Miss Korea is no Pasta. Unfortunately Miss Korea is….unfortunate. Now, granted, I fell asleep halfway through the third episode (remember the east coast), but Cherry Cordial filled me in on what I missed, and I’m thinking I didn’t miss much. From what I hear the show gets better after episode four, but, why force it when we had option B on the table?

Sunday we reconvened in the early evening, laughed hysterically through our episode of Return of Iljimae for Operation Kdrama Chat (is this supposed to be funny? As it is. Big time.) Then moved on to the You From Another Star.
What amazing kdrama gold is this? And why have none of you told me to watch? Were you trying to keep this all to yourself? Shame on you!

From the very first episode it was amazing! Funny, smart, well shot, and well acted. One episode turned into two, turned into three, turned into… yeah we watched all of them.

What a great weekend! Now Cherry Cordial and I watch TV on the phone together all the time, but this was our first full on marathon. Now, I had been a little sad. Now that I left home, I didn’t think I had anyone to marathon shows with. There is something to be said about curling up on the couch with a friend, snacks in the fridge, cozy blanket at the ready, settled in for a good day of marathoning. Watching, laughing, squeeeing, and (in my case) crying. Being here in the city, I thought those days were done.

But these are the days of technology! If I can make a best friend with a little help of technology, with that same technology I can again tandem marathon!

Now if only I could learn to stop the heavy breathing into the phone…

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