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Posted by Stephanie on December 10, 2013


Answer-Me-1997Answer Me 1997, it’s been announced that our group of friends are going to be doing a cameo in the sequel Answer Me 1994. It was officially announced today because apparently, the news has already leaked. See? That will learn you–there are no secrets in the land that is Kdrama.

So if our original group of friends are in 1997, and the current one is rocking 1994, how will they meet? Time jump of course! From what I understand 1994 is going to jump to ’97. Which is weird. Aren’t they really close to the end of the drama? It’s not like a time jump isn’t a regular trope, but they already have the 1994, 2013 story-lines going on. The original did a time jump but it was done (if I remember correctly) with at least 6 episodes still to go.answer-me-1994

I guess I can’t judge as I’m not actually watching the drama, but instead I should just enjoy the fact that we’ll be able to sneak a peek at the group of friends we came to love in the original.

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