Infinite: The Concert Experience

Posted by Stephanie on December 5, 2013


20131116_204813Going into the Infinite concert a couple of weeks ago, I wasn’t a fan—actually I felt more meh about them—but after the experience, I’m by no means a super fan, but I certainly have more of an appreciation for them.

The concert hall was pretty small. Lucky for me! It made my one-step-up-from-bottom-basement tickets a primo spot. Now, there were the super expensive standing-room tickets down below, but I certainly would not have wanted to be there. Throughout the night I watched the crowd shove from one side of the room to the other, people moving like being pushed by a wave. At the front, I watched security pull no less than four fervent kpop fans out of the front of the pile, saving them from being crushed from behind. There was even a point where one of the band members actually warned the crowd to calm down, that they’d be there all night. It was incredible.20131116_200045

The only other Kpop concert I’ve been to was BigBang, and for that concert I was happily a member of that screaming standing room only crowd, so I’m not sure if some of the things I noticed now was because the fans for Infinite are different than BigBang, or if I was too caught up to notice before.Infinite3

The biggest difference? Weeping fans. I was surrounded by weepers, kids who were so overcome with excitement, feeling, that they could no longer take it and cried. Weepin’, sobbin’ women. Before the concert started, there was a steady stream of Infinite videos played on the big screen, and at points the entire crowd sang full songs! I can do a word or two, pretend to sing a long, but these fans knew—for realz—every word. It was amazing.
I sat between a very friendly weeper, who had come from Florida just for the concert, and an older woman who literally recorded the entire concert with a big camera next to me. Somewhere in America there is a bootleg Infinite concert video featuring my screaming.

Yes. I’m one of those screamers. I can’t help it.20131116_205142

Anyway, the concert started and their theme—plot?—for the flow of the concert was revealed. Basically, throughout the night, we watched a snippets of a film where, in an alternate dystopian society, music has been banned by the evil overlord government forcing our band underground as part of the revolution. Their goal? Bring Infinite’s music to the masses. I laughed whenever we saw the anti-government propaganda declaring Infinite dead which was the name Infinite crossed out with a stamped ‘finite’. Get it? Infinite was ended so they are finite? LAUGH.20131116_213747

I wish I’d taken pictures—or video—as you can’t find them online. I liked seeing all of our guys, caper-like, trying to thwart the government. It reminds me that I’ve really enjoyed L and Hoya in the dramas they’ve done. (See that? I totally know two of the band’s names now. I even have a bias—HOYA all the way!) It was really entertaining and didn’t seem like the filler it was. Well, they had me until the end when, beaten and bruised, Infinite busts in to defeat the government. Government? Guns. Infinite? Pretty flower (referring to a plant and not the actual Flower Boys). By the power of Infinite and their flower, the police put down their weapons and moved aside leaving the now powerless government officials. Infinite bursts past them through the closed doors and into the waiting… concert.20131116_220452

Um. Wait. What?

If they are in a society that bans music—why were they all ready for a concert—complete with concert goers? Did the police just always protect this one room which was always ready for a concert (of banned music) to be performed? Seems like there may have been a better use of the space. Cheap ending aside (and let me tell you, my seat mates did not appreciate my uncontrollable laughter), I really enjoyed the video!

As it was a smaller venue, their stage was much smaller, leaving them just enough room to dance their hearts out in coordinating outfits.20131116_222247-MOTION

There were no giant set pieces, no spectacle—nothing to detract from the actual performance and talent in front of us.

The music was well done, and there were actually like two or three songs I’d heard before. Each of the members took turns singing solo songs. My favorites were L singing his character’s song from Shut Up Flower Boy Band. The song is so much better without that annoying girl singing. And he played the guitar while singing to a giant teddy bear.20131116_212253

My other favorite performance was this one.

I don’t know who it was and I don’t know what the song is, but if any of you out there could give me a hand in identifying it—I’d be forever grateful.

One of my favorite song/costume changes (and there were a few) was towards the beginning, where they darkened the stage and did it right there against the red lights. You could only see the outline of them–but you could see them stripping off layers. The crowd squealed in delight—only to be disappointed to realize they were still fully dressed once the lights came back on.

They tried to be interactive with the crowd, with varying levels of success. At one point, they were throwing little packages of something into the crowd. One of the guys kept trying to get one into the upper level closest to him—but eventually abandoned the effort, to the disappointment of the girl who was leaning dangerously out of the box. Another guy threw a package (in the shape of a paper airplane) and it soared above the crowd then looped back and he caught it. The expression on his face was hysterical. You could see him try to signal his band mates in a “did you just see what I did?” sort of way.

This went over a whole lot better than the BigBang concert when Daesung threw his letter jacket into the crowd inciting a fight between several girls, eventually getting them kicked out of the venue.

On the edges, during one song, a couple of the guys grabbed fan’s cameras and took selfies of themselves with their back to the crowd. All I can say to this is—can you imagine how excited those girls would be? If it were me—I would die. It would be like the highlight of my life. One of those stories you talk about for years. I hope for their sake the picture came out good. Can you imagine getting your camera back after this mind-blowing thing happened, only to realize the picture was fuzzy or he missed his face completely? Horrors.20131116_215938

The fan service “I love you’s” and “Will you be my girlfriend?” Or “Will you marry me?” made me cringe a bit, but the girls around me loved it.

At the end of the concert, they each took their turns to say goodbye. As I was afraid my train would stop running, I was ready for the concert to be over. Seriously—every band member. Karen over at Wehaiyo, who was also at the concert, clocked it at 19 minutes. Come on guys, wrap it up, Mama’s got a train to catch. It was super sweet when one of the band members, overwhelmed by it all(?), literally cried on stage. And I’m not talking an artful single tear—this was full on crying. Even cuter was when one of his bandmates noticed and gave him a hug. SO. FREAKING. CUTE. If the concert hadn’t made me appreciate the band—that small gesture did.20131116_225406

It was one of the band member’s birthday, so they all got together and doused him in water from their water bottles. He was wearing white pants—and spent the rest of the time onstage trying to make sure nothing showed. My seatmate (the crier) loved that.20131116_222843

Anyway. It was a great night, and I’m so glad I went. I learned it doesn’t matter if I’m a huge fan of the band, it’s just nice to be in a giant room filled with people whose taste in entertainment is similar to your own. It’s not often, as Kdrama or Kpop fans, we are able to do that.Infinite2

Now I wonder who is going to be next?!?

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