Miss Miss Korea? Maybe? Probably? Who Knows…

Posted by Stephanie on November 7, 2013

Casting News
mis koreaWhere earlier I was unexpectedly excited for a show, here is one I wished I were more excited about. If you are a regular reader here it’s no surprise that my favorite Kdrama is Pasta. I love me some Chep. Did I mention I got a pair of fuzzy earmuffs from my officially super awesome friends for my birthday? I totally look like Seo Yoo Kyung whenever I wear them. (Just kidding.)
Sidetracked. Anyway—Lee Sun Gyun is coming back to kdramaland! And better yet, it’s not to a medical drama! Best news of all, though? He’s rejoining the Pasta writing and directing team! And again—I loved Pasta—so I must be totally stoked for this right?
Eh. Not really.

The drama, called Miss Korea, is about a girl who wants to be the next Miss Korea and the collection of local ahjussis who decide to transform her. Reports have been coming out about this show for a while, and I’ve never mentioned it, because I didn’t have any intention of watching it. Now that Lee Sun Gyun is attached? Surprisingly, I still can’t get any excitement up for it.
Ho Hum.
Maybe if they got the whole gang back together, brought Gong Hyo Jin back to star opposite him? Well then, that would be a different story. I’d be in—with bells on. Big shiny, earmuff-shaped bells. I guess I should just be happy Lee Sun Gyun is coming back, right? Beggars can’t be choosers, right? Look on the bright side, right?
I guess so. (If you can’t tell, that’s said in full-on poutyface.)
I wonder which Lee Sun Gyun character we’re going to get, cranky pants ala Pasta, or everyman like Coffee Prince? If he’s one of the ahjussis who is helping her get her crown, my guess is… cranky pants? But if he is so cranky, why is he helping her in the first place? I guess I need more details before I actually get invested. Where’s one of those character sheets that are filled with information, much of it which never actually makes the drama? Or heck—I’ll settle for one of those flowcharts written all in Korean, that I won’t understand anyway.

I think I got sidetracked again. To summarize? Lee Sun Gyun: Good. Miss Korea: Boring. Together? I guess we’ll see.

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