Musical Tuesday! The GDragon Edition

Posted by Stephanie on October 8, 2013



Sorry Guys! Moving. Moving. Moving. But as I’m currently ensconced in my lovely new apartment, hopefully I’ll be able to get back to my regularly scheduled programming. Or at least regularly scheduled showering.

And in honor of the ending move, I figured it was only fitting to post GDragon since I’ve been listening to his Coup D’Etat album on repeat for almost the entire experience. At first I didn’t care for the CD–there were too many songs which sounded like the could come from any other artists–and I like GD because his music doesn’t sound like everyone else’s.

However, the more I listened the more I realized there were lots of songs I liked. Even more-so, once I really disliked his song MichiGo, but now? I like it a lot. My problem with it, I think it’s because it came out too close to One of a Kind. Because of that, it made the song seem like it when with that CD and it didn’t fit. Here–a much better fit. Amazing what some time can do. Of course, I can say I enjoy the song–but the video? Still irritates me.

This video though–is awesome! I love the setting, his costumes, the increasingly frantic nature of the scenes.

GDragon, Crooked

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