Secret Agent Man, Secret Agent Man!

Posted by Stephanie on October 2, 2013



Count me in as one of the many T.O.P. fans who are ready and eager to see this movie despite dubious acting skills, despite being a genre I don’t usually go for, despite the fact that usually, Korean movies just don’t do it for me. But 88(ish) minutes of T.O.P.? Well, count me in.

Wouldn’t it be cool if it played in New York and I could watch it in an actual theater? Woah. My heart just did a little pitter-pat.

As he’s playing an unwilling undercover killer for the north, I’m sure we’re in for lots of slick action. Lots of T.O.P. running around with guns, looking dangerous. And since the unwilling undercover killer is on a mission to save his kidnapped sister, I’m sure we’re in for some tears. Or possibly a revenge caper? I love a good slick plan like Oceans 11 or the Thomas Crown Affair.

Although this doesn’t smell caper-y.

I just hope it all turns out well in the end. And T.O.P. does well in it, proving his acting skills. Since he seems to prefer doing this over performing, he needs to act at least half as well as his voice sounds. Otherwise I’m going to get cranky. Like it’s a waste. I don’t want to have to shake him and shout, “Stick with what you’re good at!!”

I guess we’ll see what happens, but lets cross our fingers this works out for him.

Unless of course you reeeeallly want him to go back to rapping, in which case you should probably hope that this tanks. If that’s the way you decide to go? Well, we don’t judge here.

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