Musical Monday: The Drunken Tiger Edition

Posted by Stephanie on September 23, 2013


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Wasn’t I just asking when MFBTY was going to come out with more musical already? Okay, well if you don’t follow on social media, you probably don’t know I ask this. A lot. Well that’s a lie, I think I said it like 3 times. But that probably constitutes as a lot, right?

Anyway. It doesn’t matter. This isn’t an MFBTY song. It’s a Drunken Tiger song. Drunken Tiger is of course the stage name for Tiger JK–which is also a stage name. What’s the difference between a MFBTY song and a Drunken Tiger song?

Darned if I know. The song features both Yoon Mi-rae and Bizzy pretty prominently. Funny, I couldn’t remember the other members of MFBTY and started to look it up then stopped myself. How could I forget the members of this group? I’ve only been shouting BIZZYTIGERYOONMIRAE! BIZZYTIGERYOONMIRAE! for months now. (And if you don’t know that reference, then you need to go out and listen to their last release.)

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So this is Tiger JK working ‘alone’? He seems pretty much together with the group. Why? Why not just come out with another MFBTY release? But I guess beggars can’t be choosers. I’ll take the three of them as I can get them. And this song is really very different from the other release. It has a much mellower pace and musical style. However, it still has a striking video like Sweet Dreams. I have no idea what the song is saying, I need to find a translation for that, but I like the imagery of the animated drawings. I love Yoon Mi-Rae’s voice and to be honest, her part of the song makes me a little weepy with the pretty. (Yes, I do that.)

Anyway, I’ll look forward to more music from Drunken Tiger–or MFBTY–whatever they want to call themselves.

Drunken Tiger, The Cure

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