Musical Monday: The Seungri Edition

Posted by Stephanie on September 19, 2013



Well, hello there Seungri. I don’t know why I was prepared to dislike Seungri’s new music. It’s not that I dislike him, it’s just that I don’t think very much of him. I think it might be a perception thing? That, as the youngest, he feel like he has to go super sexual? My meh’s might stem from the eye-roll I couldn’t hold back after having to click a button that I was over 19 to watch one of his other videos. And once my eyes begin to roll… I just can’t stop them.

So on a whim I clicked on this new song—and what do you know—I really like the song. Like, really, really like the song. How did this happen? After hearing this I think I’ll be able to pick his voice out of some of those BigBang songs. Not to mention that this song has a bit of the same sort of flavor of their last album, Alive. Like Blue? Or that other slower one?
As I was listening, I was waiting for that eye-roll to come in, and I thought I almost had it when the song broke and changed part-way through. And yes, the break took a bit too long to come back and start remixed, but when it did? I loved it even more than the rest of the song.
Way to go Seungri, way to go. You have my interest. I hope you can keep this up for the rest of your new CD.

I do have to say though, the video makes me giggle. To me it looks like Seungri’s peeping into a woman’s windows while doing elaborate dances with his buddies to get her attention. Dear Seungri, probably not the best plan. Hmm…And to the lady being spied upon? May I suggest a nice pair of drapes?

Seungri, Gotta Talk To U

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