Lee Min Ho, I Just Can’t Quit You

Posted by Stephanie on September 17, 2013


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It had to happen eventually. First shots of the upcoming drama, Heirs have been released and with it, as expected, my interest has grown from–Groan, really?–to Hmm…maybe. Which doesn’t seem like it is a big change, but when the groan is accompanied by an uncontrollable eye-roll? Well, it’s a step in the right direction. 

Okay, so the eye-roll contiues to lurk. Mainly when I hear about the plot. Poor, hardworking girl surrounded by the rich and powerful? Love interest with a chaebol heir? Possible kind, hunky and almost as well off B-Guy also fighting for your attentions? I’m pretty sure I’ve already seen this show. It’s called Boys Over Flowers. Hrm.


I’m just so disappointed with Kim Eun Suk’s lack of imagination on this. But whatever–been there–bitched about that. I’ve decided to look on the brighter side of the whole situation. We all liked Boys Over Flowers, right? Come on, I know it’s fun to dish on that crazy, crappy show but we all watched it and for a lot of you, it was your gateway drama. If it had been totally awful it would have chased you away from kdrama, not got you looking for more.
So imagine this story actually written really well. Written with a more realistic eye, which Kim Eun Ji is kind of known for. The potential for the show has the possibility to be really good. I mean, look at these pictures, they are already a step ahead with Lee Min Ho’s hair.
How was that? Un-bitchy enough for you? Recently Updated3
I’m sure its only a matter of time before the first trailer hits the airwaves and I’m the final verdict will be decided then. But then again…I am a sucker for Lee Min Ho, the chances I’m going to be talked into watching this show are pretty high. Oh that Lee Min Ho. (Although I thinking about it, I still have yet to see Personal Taste.)

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