Musical Monday: The Piggy Dolls Edition

Posted by Stephanie on September 10, 2013

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I just got cranky. Big cranky. Why? Well, first you have to read this post I originally wrote for a Musical Monday post. It’s just a random song I found through a post on Soompi:

Hey! It’s a girl group who I don’t hate! Actually, that sounds bad. It’s not like I hate girl groups, I just don’t usually care for them very much. On this song, while I don’t love-love the song itself, I do love the message. So when you watch it, make sure to have the English subs turned on. The song is about a girl telling her boyfriend that she’s an ordinary girl, no matter how much she tries to change for him, it wasn’t going to change the person who she was underneath. And she likes who she is underneath, and if he he didn’t–well that was too bad. She’s okay realizing she’s just a regular person and knows there’s nothing wrong with that. And in the end? She finds a guy who likes her just the way she is.

How many of us could learn this lesson?

The song itself starts out really slow and I almost didn’t make it through, but once it hits the chorus the pace picks up and it loses that dreaded R&B beat. I think it kind of fits with the song though. At the beginning it’s like she’s asking him to still like her, apologizing to him for not being what he wants her to be, but as the pace picks up, she gets some sass and defiance.

Piggy Dolls (that’s an unfortunate name) Ordinary girl

Seems pretty straightforward right? That’s what I thought first too. Then the comments on the on the Youtube page caught my eye:

piggy dolls 2 Piggy Dolls piggy dolls3 (1)

So I was kind of confused. I had only skimmed the article and went straight to the video. I thought they had just changed the sound of the band. What’s the problem with that? It seems like BAP does that with every single album. But the comments made me go back and do some more investigating and what I found was interesting…and irritating.

They didn’t just change the sound of the band, they swapped out all of the orignal members and replaced them with this lot. Lets see if you can spot the difference:

Original Piggy Dolls:

Piggy Dolls4

New Piggy Dolls:

piggy dolls 6

Now check out the orginal members of Piggy Dolls singing one of their first songs Trend which has a similar theme to the the new song:

Again, I don’t love the song, the voices are too digitalized for that, there are other songs which showcase their real vocal talents better, but I wanted to chose the one which had the same message.

Now it might just be me whose really pretty cheesed off by this. And here’s where I’ll get ranty–if you don’t want soap box which doesn’t really have much to do with Kdrama, you might want to stop reading now.

As a person who has body issues herself, I was originally really pleased with the message of the first song I heard. Accepting yourself and not conforming to someone elses (or society’s) views of beauty. The song said, “we’re ordinary, and proud of it.” This is something you don’t get often in the land of Kpop or even Kdrama, where the people are skinny and the skirts are short.

But then to reexamine that message after knowing what happened to the band itself? Well, it takes that very message, tosses it to the ground and then does a little dance over the left over bits. It’s okay if your ordinary–if your really not. It’s like in dramas where a character is supposed to be particularly unattractive and is merely played by a beautiful actress wearing giant glasses or *gasp!* heaven forbid, bangs and a ponytail.

If someone is talented does it really matter what they look like?

I’m not saying that the new members aren’t talented. I didn’t love the song, but it was adequately performed. I’m not even saying that the old members were sooooo much better than the new ones. I didn’t love them either. It’s just the message this puts out that is worrisome.

There are some who say that the original Piggy Dolls were promoting an unhealthy lifestyle. Well okay then. But does that mean that people who are unhealthy don’t deserve to be heard? That if you’re unhealthy you can’t be proud of yourself? Stand up for yourself? Or be worthy of love (I’m referring to the first video where the boyfriend wouldn’t accept the ‘real’ her and she had to first accept herself before finding that new guy who liked the real her and was thereby worthy of love?)

I don’t think so, but apparently, I could be wrong. I guess I just have to take some comfort in the fact that there was once a group like the Piggy Dolls. Even if it didn’t last, that’s not something you see every day. It’s not every management company who would give girls who looked like that an opportunity, no matter how short it lasted.

And for the rest of us? Lets all do try to remember, that ordinary is pretty awesome, it’s all in how you use it.


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