The Next Product To Be Placed?

Posted by Stephanie on September 6, 2013


Screenshot 2013-09-06 at 8.39.08 AMInteresting side note. I noticed a news article this week which talked about Samsung unveiling its new watch phone, the “Galaxy Gear Smartwatch”. The idea strikes me as funny, but really, when I think about it, its a pretty handy idea. I already use my phone as a watch so why not?

How does this relate to Kdrama? Well, my first thought when I saw the news? I wonder how long its going to be before one of these watches show up in a kdrama? We all know that Kdrama always features the newest and brightest in phones. Come on–how many of you watched a Kdrama and thought–damn I want that phone? I know it’s not just me.

My first phone lust? Goes right back to my very first Kdrama, Playful Kiss. Oh Hani and Baek Seung Jo and their cool flip phones (how far we’ve come) and since then there’s been one phone after another that I’ve sat up and said–I want that!
Of course I’ve always been a gadget junky.

Its just so funny, how we’ll see phones in Kdramas that aren’t available to us here in the states, either at all or way ahead of us. I remember talking to my friend Shane who designs cell phone apps, and he was telling me all about how people were designing a phone which was like a phone/tablet (bigger than a phone, smaller than a tablet). Then waddya know? Like 2 weeks later while watching the (then) new Kdrama A Gentleman’s Dignity, what do I see? The phablet (laugh!).agd2

Although I have to say, that particular phone I can’t say I’m very lusty for, the size just seems unwieldy. You can’t tuck a phone that size in your pocket, a bra (don’t judge), and you certainly can’t take the phablet running with you.
Well, now the phone/watch is sounding better and better!

Understandably, kdrama is going to be on the forefront of phones considering Korea is the home of Samsung. And a phone is one of the easiest ways to get product placement into a scene, with some shows doing it way better (less LOOK AT ME) than others. An example of the bad? Check out Heartstrings, there they marvel over cell phone apps and features of the tablet. Oh–and Gloria, when the hero suddenly, for one scene, has a tablet and shows the manager how he can look at documents and video chat with someone. *Shakeshead*

When I first started watching I did think it was funny that everyone in the same drama had the same phone. And that, no matter how poor a character was, they always seemed to have the money for the best and brightest in technology. Ahhh….product placement.
So does anyone want to place a bet as to which Kdrama we’re going to see the watch phone in? I really want to say Heirs. Wealthy bored kids? Seems like a perfect fit.

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