Musical Monday: The GDragon Edition

Posted by Stephanie on September 2, 2013


gdragon11So sorry EXO, who was originally today’s Musical Monday, but this is what happens when GDragon’s stuff gets dropped, people get bumped.

Last night, (or as I’m writing this at 11:41pm, tonight) GDragon’s new album and video was released. Or part of his new CD was released as this album will actually have 14 songs and is being released in 3 parts. In the land of Kpop, that’s a lot of Effing music.

I like it. I like it more that I listen to it. Listening to it and watching the video makes me really wish I spoke Korean. I’m sure the lyrics have a lot of meaning to them that I’m just not catching. “This is a Coup D’Etat” is a pretty big statement. And it seems like through the video he’s destroying past images of himself? Isn’t that kind of what One of A Kind was about?

Honestly, this is one video where I wish I could go through every vignette and talk about what I think they mean. The whole thing is rife–or overly rife with symbolism.gdragon10

One thing I do have to question is whether it was a wise choice to have him in blackface. Um…didn’t he just like a couple of weeks ago get in trouble for that?

I was waiting and excited for a fast paced song for his first outing of the CD, but I was surprised, it never gets there. And I like that. I don’t know why I like this one more than Michigo. It has kind of the same “I’m so cool and important,” vibe to it, but this time, maybe because of the pacing, it works for me. Maybe it seems more mature? I don’t know.

I don’t love-love it. But I’m intrigued. And it makes me want to listen to the song more and I’m now looking forward to the rest of the CD. All in all I’ll call this a win.

GDragon, Coup D’Etat

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