Down and Out

Posted by Stephanie on August 22, 2013


Well, mostly down.

Did you think I forgot about you? Did you think I don’t love you anymore? Missing 2 posting days in a row? Never fear neither of these are true, I’m just dying!

Okay, that’s a gross exaggeration. While I’m not technically dying, my body is in the throes of a giant head cold that makes me feel as though I might. (If you haven’t noticed, when I’m sick I tend to be whiny and over-dramatic.) My eyes even refuse subtitles, so I’ve been reduced to listening to BBC programming through my Nyquil induced haze. This has forced me to abandon you for a few days and make some changes to the schedule.

I’m pushing the Nine recap until next Tuesday. It’s almost done with the exception of my analysis, and I don’t want to half-ass it. I hope to still be able to get out Barefoot Friends today.

Thanks for your patience guys and I hope to be with you soon.

You know. If this cold doesn’t kill me first.

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