Musical Monday: The Lawn of Death Edition

Posted by Stephanie on August 20, 2013


lawn of death2I thought this Musical Monday I’d do something a little different. A change inspired by my giant lawn and the rain which currently makes me mow it once a week. Rat Bastard! Since a nook and cranny mow takes almost 1.45 (2 hours if I brave the weedwacker fear I have) That’s a lot of Kpop time.

So this week I thought, rather than one particular song, I’ll share with you my mowing playlist, which I call Funtimez. Mowing is really not so bad. I get to listen to music and think about well…it’s usually a mixture of recent Kdramas I’ve watched or plan to, possible blog posts, or whatever stories I have floating around in my head. (Writers usually have some sort of scenario in their heads.) It’s my thinking time.

Of course my favorite part of mowing is mowing over the mint. Mmm….

So, here it is, my Funtimez Mowing Playlist:

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