Surprise! You’ve Been Kpop-ed!

Posted by Stephanie on August 17, 2013



Upside? I got my ticket to Infinite!

Downside? The regular plain-jane tickets were sold out so I had to bump up (slightly) in seating. Although in the terms of Kpop coming to the US, this is probably good news. If I tried to buy the regular tickets 5 minutes after the sales started and they were all sold out, that means those tickets must have sold like hotcakes. Good for you, Infinite!

I was talking to Nelly who also scored some tickets and we were bemoaning the fact that we had no one to go with. But rather than springing a Kpop concert on our unsuspecting friends, we decided it was okay to go it alone. It’s our chance to go out and meet new Kpop and Kdrama fans with a chance to talk face to face. How often does that happen? Um…. not often.

Of course then Nelly had to go out and ruin the solidarity by finding a Kpop-y partner. (Just kidding, I’m very happy for you and NewKdramaaddict.)

Well, despite the ticket thing, and the I don’t really care for Infinite thing, I’m really looking forward to this concert! I can’t wait to to talk to lots of other people and I especially love the fact, I’m only about 45 minutes away from the venue!

Guess these are the things that happen when you move to the big city!

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