Chemistry Makes All the Difference

Posted by Stephanie on August 16, 2013

Casting News

ThievesWhen I first saw this casting and news on an upcoming drama, Man From Another Star, my reaction was pretty—yawn…ho-hum.

Why? I don’t even know, it was early, I was tired, and perhaps I hadn’t yet kicked off the early morning mehs.

Because really—I like this guy. Kim Soo-hyun was great in Dream High—really, really great. And I liked him in The Thieves. He was funny and memorable within a cast of what seemed like dozens. Not an easy feat. I especially remember his story line because he had that smoking hot chemistry with the older girl thief and in my mind they totally ended up together in the end.
The premise for Man From Another Star is kind of interesting, him playing an alien who landed during the Joseon dynasty and decided to stick around for hundreds of years. In current day he meets a famous actress and…yeah, that’s all I’ve got. I’m not sure where the plot goes from there. But my issue is if he doesn’t age, and he gets together with an earthling with a…limited lifespan, how are they going to end up together in the end?
I should rephrase that. How are they going to believably end up together in the end?

Well, I guess the show does sound kind of cute. Maybe it will be a nice romantic comedy. (Is it me or has it been a while since we’ve had one of those?)
But overall—I was feeling pretty meh about the whole thing. Then it happened! I realized that the actress Jeon Ji-hyun who signed on to be Kim Soo-hyun’s heroine? Is totally the girl he had the smokin’ hot chemistry with in Thieves.
Way to go casting director, consider me interested.
Of course, this could change considering the fact that this show is quite the ways away, possibly taking over for Heirs. Which starts after Master’s Sun. Which means that’s a lot of time for me to get bored and lose my interest. (See my thoughts on Heirs.)

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