Musical Monday: The EXO Edition

Posted by Stephanie on August 9, 2013



It’s not that I’ve disliked EXO, it’s just that I’ve never really thought much about them at all. I heard their first couple of songs, but nothing really stuck with me. .Now that their newest CD has been released, again, I heard the first song released, Wolf, and moved quickly moved along. When this MV dropped, I gave it a listen and was pretty much blown away.

Honestly, I’m not sure if it’s the song itself or the the awesomeness of the MV, or more accurately the dancing which caught my attention. Holy moly, the dancing. Mixing the choreography with the camera movements? What a fun time.

Now the song is pretty good too. I like the chorus and the non-R&B bits. This is enough to make me want to go back and give their backlist a real listen, see if I missed something important.

EXO, Growl

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