Heirs Irritates the Competition

Posted by Stephanie on July 31, 2013

Casting News


LAUGH! This information just tickles me. Remember how I was saying that Heirs and it’s incessant casting news was boring me? Apparently I’m not the only one who’s noticed the drama snatching up all the best and brightest. I read an article which said that drama officials are complaining that there’s nobody left for them! That they are having trouble casting their own dramas for the fall because of this.

Yes, they’ve cast a ton of actors (Lee Min Ho, Park Shin Hye, Choi Jin Hyuk, Choi Won Young, Kimg sung Ryeong, Kim Woon Bin, Park Hyung Si (ZE:A), Krystal (F/X), Kang Ha Neul, and Kang Min Hyuk (CNBlue). But really? I think there are plenty of actors out there to go around. (Unless of course King of Dramas was true and there really are only one or two actors available for a role at any time.) They should check with me–I’m sure I could reel off a list of actors I’d love to see in a drama.

The real question is why? Why are so many actors turning down jobs for a chance to be on Heirs, no matter how small the part, no matter how little they get paid? Why are actors going to this production and requesting parts? Why? Well, that part is pretty simple. Kim. Eun. Suk. With her last dramas (A Gentleman’s Dignity, Secret Garden) being pretty much blockbusters, it’s a great way to boost your popularity quickly. And then there’s the effort that she puts into building her side characters. Their part may be small, but it’s going to be well written and interesting. No cardboard here.

Not that I want it to be of course, but wouldn’t it be funny after all this hype, the show is awful? It’s not like it couldn’t happen. Look what happened last year with the Hong Sister’s Big? It’s the Hong Sister’s! It’s Gong Yoo! What could go wrong?


While some shows just SURPRISE! happen, it seems like we’ve been talking about Heirs forever and while they are finally finished casting, the show won’t even air until October. That’s a really long time away from here. Shooting doesn’t even begin until September. That part is kind of disappointing as I’m hoping that some teasers or posters would bring back up my excitement level for this drama. As it is, even with Kim Eun Suk and Lee Min Ho, I’m no longer feeling this drama.

One last thing. Anyone else notice Kim Eun Suk (or whoever casts for her) seems to have a thing for CNBlue? Last drama it was Lee Jong-hyun as the secret son in A Gentleman’s Dignity:

with Jung Yong-hwa as a cameo:

In Heirs they first cast Jung Yong-hwa as second lead (b-guy) but he ultimately backed out. A CNBlue-less show? Gasp! Never fear, luckily they had a third band-member Kang Min-hyuk:

step into the drama. No, he won’t have the same character, but he will fill that CNBlue quota. This is really just a nothing piece of news–it just makes me laugh.

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